Blockchain PSIG

Blockchain PSIG

The Blockchain Revolution

The OMG's Blockchain Platform Special Interest Group (Blockchain PSIG) explores the possibility of blockchain technology standardization and its impact on industry. Blockchain technology will help bridge the gap between the industrial world and the individual. It will define the future of finance, healthcare, supply chains, and much more. According to a recent study the global blockchain services market is expected to grow to nearly $20 billion by 2027. The advent of the Internet provided the individual with seemingly unlimited access to information. Blockchain technology will provide the individual with control over their information. The Blockchain PSIG provides practical guidance on leveraging blockchain technology for your business purposes.


  • Educate, guide, and assist the community in the use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
  • Foster cooperation between implementers and users of DLT
  • Identify opportunities to leverage and integrate DLT with other computing standards
  • Promote and evangelize the use of DLT via OMG standards in the marketplace

Work in Progress:

  • Blockchain Smart Contracts RFI: Is intended to gauge the current understanding, usage and possible roll of smart contracts by individuals and organizations within the blockchain environment. It is also intended to help guide future work within the OMG regarding standardization requirements for smart contracts. Responses will help the Blockchain PSIG define pattern language/design patterns for blockchain smart contracts. A pattern language, as described by Wikipedia, is an organized and coherent set of patterns, each of which describes a problem and the core of a solution that can be used in many ways within a specific field of expertise.

Get Involved:

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