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Data Distribution Service (DDS)

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imageImagine a world where cars are able to navigate safely to their destinations and find parking without a driver; where patient monitoring systems are smartly integrated to provide error-free alerts and doctors are able to keep track of homebound patients’ health. This world is no longer a vision of some distant future or a science fiction movie. Every day more and more devices are becoming connected allowing smart machines and systems to perform functions that were not possible before. This convergence of machine and intelligent data is the Industrial Internet (alternatively known as the Internet of Things or machine-to-machine/M2M communications).

OMG’s Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard is a protocol for the Industrial Internet. It enables network interoperability for connected machines, enterprise systems and mobile devices. It provides scalability, performance, and Quality of Service required to support IoT and Industrial Internet Internet applications. DDS can be deployed in platforms ranging from low-footprint devices to the Cloud and supports efficient bandwidth usage as well as agile orchestration of system components. It provides a global data space for analytics and enables flexible M2M real-time system integration.

DDS is already deployed in many IoT application domains, including Industrial Control, Healthcare, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Defense, Energy, Smart Cities and Transportation. Below, you’ll find a list of case studies outlining how DDS has been successfully used in different technologies as well as links to the DDS Wikipage and the latest news and related events.

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