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If you are interested in learning more about the OMG and membership in the OMG, you've come to the right place!  Read on for a short description of the OMG, what we're doing and how to become a member.  If you are looking for more detail on our technologies and technology process, please refer to the OMG Site Map page.

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OMG members gain a number of business and technical advantages from their membership in the OMG. Here's what a few of our members have to say:

PrismTech PrismTech is a leading provider of enterprise, real-time and embedded CORBA technologies. A cornerstone of PrismTech's strategy since its foundation in 1992 has been the support and promotion of international standards for distributed computing. A key element of this strategy has been PrismTech's membership of the OMG which we joined in 1993. 

PrismTech believes that the software industry has benefited greatly from the OMG's specifications for interoperable computing as evidenced by the thousands of mission-critical CORBA applications in use today. Because PrismTech believes so strongly in the OMG we are prepared to dedicate significant time, money and resources to it by having PrismTech personnel contributing to its work (PrismTech’s Chief Architect serves on the OMG's Architecture Board and PrismTech's CEO serves on the OMG's Board of Directors), and by sponsoring its technical workshops and events (including the Workshop on Distributed Object Computing for Real-time and Embedded Systems and the Middleware That Works! Seminars).


"The Object Management Group has enabled the pre-competitive creation of open and standards based technology that is moving the industry toward an interoperable, services based infrastructure.  This is important for MITRE’s government sponsors who require interoperable, evolvable commercial systems for mission critical applications. The open, consensus process enables mitigation of product development investment risk, reduction of interoperability risk, and also stimulates reductions in product creation cycles." 
---Dr. Mark T. Maybury, Executive Director,
 Information Technology Center at MITRE (OMG member since 1992)


As an OMG member, Unisys is at the forefront of developing the next
generation of Object Management Group standards for model driven architectures, which will enable rapid generation and deployment of
component-based solutions. These architectures promise to increase the
productivity of organizations using model-based architectures such as
Unisys Business Blueprinting.

A member since 1992, Unisys has been a major contributor to OMG's
Model Driven Architecture initiative. Its member representatives have been
instrumental in driving MDA forward. Unisys now participates on both OMG's Board of Directors and Architecture Board, which decide the major technical direction of the group.

Objectum “When we joined the OMG, we were speaking with the contacts in the US and then found out that their Technical Director was based in the UK near us so we invited him to spend the day with us, which proved to be invaluable. He spoke to the whole team about OMG and what was happening within the group so everyone at Objektum Solutions, both technical and otherwise, could see where they could get involved and be proactive about being a member. We also briefly went into the work we were doing on the Objektum Bridge Suite and automatic software migration, which the Technical Director was impressed with and is going to come back so he can understand more and continue building the relationship.”
– Excerpt from Objektum Solutions’ Blog Post on How to Make the Most of Memberships
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Last updated on 05/31/2016

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