Risk Assessment through Automated Attack Analysis. Cyber Security Workshop: March 21, 2017, Reston VA U.S.A.

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 1:30pm Welcome and Introductions
  SPEAKER: Claude Baudoin, owner, cebe IT & Knowledge Management
 1:45pm Managing Cybersecurity Risk in Weapons Systems
  SPEAKER: Dr. Kalabhai "Raju" B. Patel, U.S. Air Force

Dr. Patel is Technical Advisor, Embedded Computer Systems Software Engineering within the Aeronautical Systems Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. Dr. Patel is an international authority in embedded computer systems software and information assurance with responsibility for providing advice and guidance to the highest Air Force and government officials as well as nationally important military aerospace weapon system programs. Dr. Patel's contributions include development of artificial-intelligence technology strategy and policy, guidance and oversight of computer-resource acquisition policies and activities, information assurance and anti-tamper acquisition policy formulation, and support of all weapon system programs within the Aeronautical Systems Center on software related issues.

 2:30pm Refreshment Break
 2:45pm "The Coming Swarm" Autonomous Drones
60 Minutes video. LCDR Wicks presentation. MACE presentation.
Lieutenant Commander Rollie J. Wicks, U.S. Navy 
Dr. Jeff Smith, Multi Agency Collaboration Environment (MACE)

LCDR Rollie Wicks is an associate advisor of the Secretary of the Navy Naval Innovation Advisory Council (NIAC), a dynamic forum for advisors to conduct research, advance problem-solving projects, and advise the Secretary of the Navy on innovation opportunities within the Department of the Navy. LCDR Wicks was featured on 60 Minutes for "The Coming Swarm," a revealing segment about the rise of game-changing autonomous systems. LCDR Wicks, an expert in autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and robotics, was a by-name request to be a project lead at Unmanned Warrior 2016, the world's largest unmanned systems demonstration. He established an unrivaled reputation for innovation vision, leadership, and expertise. LCDR Wicks will discuss autonomous systems and the cyber challenges his team is addressing.

 3:30pm Cybersecurity and Risk Analysis
  SPEAKER: Dr. Nikolai Mansourov, CTO, KDM Analytics

Cybersecurity is trust in a system's ability to execute trusted behavior and to prevent malicious attacks with the objective of protecting information, assets, and services against compromise. Dr. Mansourov will explain how to identify, analyze, classify and understand cybersecurity threats and related risks in software. He will discuss cyber risk standards and the interrelationships between assurance, engineering and risk used to assess the truthworthiness of a system.

 4:00pm Refreshment Break
 4:15pm Detecting and Mitigating Cyber and Physical Risks
Cory Casanave, Model Driven Solutions
Vijay Mehra, KYM Advisors Inc.

Cyber is not an island; Physical vulnerabilities can lead to Cyber impacts and Cyber failures impact the physical world. Failure to understand Cyber risks in context opens the door for multi-stage attacks and harm to our critical infrastructures and citizens. The OMG Operational Threat and Risk initiative represents a collaboration between government, industry and the standards community to enable information sharing, federation and analytics across multiple domains, disciplines and technologies. This standard is in the final stages of adoption and moving into mission applications. This presentation will outline the initiative, invite participation and suggest ways that it can be leveraged today.

 4:45pm Cyber Security RFI for Reducing Cyber Cost
  SPEAKER: Ron Townsen, Chief Engineer, General Dynamics Mission Systems; Co-Chair, OMG C4I Task Force

The OMG's C4I Task Force is focused on systems that support crisis response, Search and Rescue (SAR), and military operations. Such systems are commonly known as C4I (Consultation, Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence) systems and are here taken to include surveillance, reconnaissance, command and control. Ron Towsen, chair of the C4I Task Foce, will discuss standards initiatives underway to better manage the development and integration of cyber defense into mission-critical systems.

 5:15pm Panel Discussion: Economics of Cybersecurity: Cost vs. Protection
  MODERATOR: Djenana Campara, CEO, KDM Analytics; Co-Chair, OMG Systems Assurance Task Force

The penalties for getting cybersecurity wrong are steep. The Economist reports that the average time between an attacker breaching a network and its owner noticing the intrustion is 205 days. Globally, cyber-attacks cost over $575 billion per year. At the same time, all sorts of companies offer high-priced cybersecurity solutions/services, from small, specialist outfits to giant arms companies. How do we choose the right solution and balance it with available budget? This panel will address questions, such as: What comes first: money or security? -- in other words, do we fit security into available budget, or do we determine what security is needed and then allocate budget accordingly? Is this the right order and right attitude, in light of today's consistent and persistent cyber-attacks and costly solutions? Of the security activities conducted during planning, engineering, assurance, risk assessment, mitigation, etc., which is the most costly, the best addressed, and least addressed? What should we change to get the most positive impact?

     - Dr. Ben Calloni, Lockheed Martin Fellow; Co-chair, OMG's Systems Assurance Task Force
     - Ron Townsen, Senior Lead Engineer, General Dynamics; Co-chair, OMG's C4I Domain Task Force
     - Dr. Bill Curtis, Executive Director, Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ); SVP and Chief Scientist, CAST
     - Joe Jarzombek, Global Manager, Software Supply Chain Solutions, Synopsys Software Integrity Group

 6:00pm Close



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