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Developing Enabling Standards for NIEM & ISE Workshop

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Thursday, March 24, 2011, Arlington, VA USA

Michael Abramson
President & CEO, Advanced Systems Management Group Ltd.
Co-chair, OMG C4I DTF

Mr. Michael Abramson is the President and CEO of the Advanced Systems Management Group (ASMG Ltd. and Co-chair OMG C4I DTF, with 30-year history of developing innovative operational and business solutions for major public and private sector organizations. For more than a decade, Mr. Abramson has been developing concept, strategies and solutions for the balance between interoperability and information security that can adapt to dynamic real-world events. Mr. Abramson is currently the Co-Chair of the Command, Control, Communications, Collaboration and Intelligence (C4I) Domain Task Forces (DTF) and the Emergency, Crisis and Major Event Special Interest Group (ECMEM SIG) and Information Exchange Environment (IEF) Working Group at OMG. Mr. Abramson is currently providing consulting services in information sharing and protection to Department of National Defence, Treasury Board, and Public Safety Canada.

David A. Bray, PhD, MSPH
Executive for Innovation, Integration, and Interoperability, Office of the Program Manager, Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE)

Dr. David A. Bray joined the Office of the Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE) in October 2010 as a Senior National Intelligence Service Executive. The Program Manager has government-wide authority to plan, oversee the build-out, and manage use of the ISE to implement the President's terrorism-related information sharing priorities. Dr. Bray's work focuses on empowering the ISE partnerships in support of whole-of-government solutions for assured information sharing, protection, and access.

Prior to joining ISE, Dr. Bray served as a strategist at the Institute for Defense Analyses and the Science and Technology Policy Institute. In 2009, he deployed to Afghanistan as a Special Advisor to STRATEGIC EFFECTS for NATO's International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces Afghanistan, with the task of helping to "think differently" on critical strategic efforts. Dr. Bray also served IT Chief for the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Program at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where he led the technology aspects of the bioterrorism program's response to 9/11, anthrax in 2001, SARS, and other outbreaks.

Dr. Bray holds a PhD in information systems, a MSPH in public health informatics, and a BSCI in computer science and biology from Emory University, alongside two post-doctoral associateships from MIT and Harvard. He also serves as a Visiting Associate with the National Defense University.

Dr. Ben Calloni, P.E., CISSP
Lockheed Martin Fellow, Software Security
OCRES Advanced Certified Professional
Member OMG Board of Directors
Co-chair OMG Systems Assurance Task Force

Dr. Ben Calloni is a Lockheed Martin Fellow for Software Security and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). He is a senior research program manager of Aeronautics Company in Fort Worth assigned to the Advanced Development Programs, formerly known as "The Skunk Works". His research interests are in the area of Software Security and Safety Assurance. He is partnered with Air Force Research Labs, the National Security Agency, and Department of Defense Networks and Information Integration office, and several commercial off the shelf suppliers, to provide international standards based, COTS product based, Multi Level Security infrastructures applicable for Department of Defense weapon systems and for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as well.

Dr. Calloni serves as the LM Corporate representative to the Object Management Group (OMG), is currently serving on the OMG Board of Directors, and co-chairs the System Assurance Task Force. He is active in The Open Group and formerly served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Customer Council. He is a regular participant and invited speaker to the DHS Software Assurance Forum and working groups.

Dr. Calloni is licensed by the State of Texas as a Professional Engineer in Software Engineering. He was the first software engineer nationally in Lockheed Martin Corporation to achieve software engineering licensing.

Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, Dr. Calloni served as a USAF Fighter Pilot in the F-4 Phantom with 2000 hours. He served tours in Europe, South East Asia, CONUS and as a top gun instructor. He has a Ph.D. and M.S in Computer Science (Texas Tech University), an M.A. in Theology (Wayland Baptist University) and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering (Purdue University).

Scott M. Came
Deputy Executive Director SEARCH
The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics

Mr. Scott M. Came is Deputy Executive Director of SEARCH, The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics, where he oversees the planning, development, implementation, and management of SEARCH programs. These programs focus on four specific areas: law and policy issues associated with information and identification technologies; planning for and implementing information-sharing technology; public
safety interoperable communications technologies, and high-technology crime investigation. Within these program areas, SEARCH staff provide technical assistance, training, publications, policy research, workshops, and conferences to the national justice and public safety communities.

From 2006–2010, Mr. Came served as Director of Systems and Technology for SEARCH, where he oversaw SEARCH’s initiatives to support justice and public safety information sharing nationwide. Under his leadership, SEARCH staff provided direct assistance to Federal, state, local, and tribal practitioners on information sharing and technology deployment. This assistance included consulting and facilitation, strategic
planning, architecture development, business process analysis, technology standards application, and developing governance and funding models.

Mr. Came has served as a leader in the development of justice community standards, including the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), the Global Justice Reference Architecture (JRA), and the OASIS Electronic Court Filing standard. He has defined and implemented service-oriented architectures for statewide justice information sharing, and has developed dozens of information exchange specifications in NIEM. He has led SEARCH’s Justice Information Exchange Model (JIEM™) program, through continued evolution of the JIEM modeling tool and transitioning the JIEM certification process to a cost-effective e-learning approach. He led the redesign of the JIEM tool to support the definition and export of NIEM exchanges using Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) standards.

Prior to joining SEARCH, Mr. Came was the Chief Enterprise Architect for the State ofWashington, where he developed architecture standards and supported statewide technology governance. He has led complex software development and technology deployment projects as an architect and project manager. He is a regular speaker ontechnology strategy and standards implementation at justice community conferences and meetings.

Cory Casanave
CEO & President, Model Driven Solutions

Mr. Casanave is an accomplished information technology senior executive with more than 20 years' experience at all levels of product and application development and management. He is seasoned in researching and developing solutions, products, standards, and methods with intimate, first-hand knowledge of technology evolution as a chief decision maker. As a key collaborator, Mr. Casanave is adept at communicating at all organizational levels, sharing and collecting insights for maximized, collective understanding of critical objectives and effective execution of plans. He is a visionary leader, adept at developing a compelling vision and sharing insights with key contributors to help organizations achieve their vision. Complementary expertise and track record in project management with hands-on development of cutting-edge products and applications. He is an excellent strategic planner with decisive ability to define processes that affect results positively. Mr. Casanave is a member of the Board of Directors of the OMG.

Matthew Hause
Chief Consulting Engineer, Atego

Matthew Hause is Atego's Chief Consulting Engineer, the co-chair of the UPDM group and a member of the OMG SysML specification team. He has been developing systems for over 35 years. He started out working in the Power Systems Industry, and has been involved in Military Systems, Rail and Transportation, Process Control, Communications, SCADA, Distributed Control, and many other areas of systems development. His roles have varied from project manager to developer. His role at Artisan includes mentoring, sales presentations, standards development and training courses. He has written a series of white papers on Systems Engineering, Enterprise Architecture Modeling, Project Management, Model-based Engineering, Human Factors, Safety Critical Systems development, Virtual Team Management, and Systems and Software Development with UML, SysML and Architectural Frameworks such as DoDAF. He has been a regular presenter at INCOSE, IEEE, BCS, IET, OMG, the DoD Architecture and many other conferences. Matthew studied Electrical Engineering at the University of New Mexico and Computer Science at the University of Houston. In his spare time he is a church organist, choir director and composer.

Anthony Hoang
Acting Director, Enterprise Data Management Office, U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS)
Managing Director of the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Program Management Office (PMO)

Anthony Hoang joined the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) OCIO in February of 2008 as the lead for the Information Sharing and Exchange program. He is currently the Acting Director of the DHS Enterprise Data Management Office and the Managing Director of the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Program Management Office (PMO). He and his team focus on the national-scale implementations of NIEM, SOA, and data architecture at DHS and with other Federal, state, and local partners. His expertise stems from eight years of architecting highly complex cross-enterprise collaboration processes including chairing XML information architecture initiatives for NIEM, DHS, the US Intelligence Community, and GS1 (global retail and consumer goods). Mr. Hoang holds a bachelor's degree in systems engineering from the University of Virginia.

Linda Hunter
Director, Public Safety Canada
Interoperability & Portfolio Management

Linda Hunter is the Director of Interoperability and Portfolio Management in the Chief Information Officer Directorate of Public Safety Canada. Linda assumed responsibility for the Interoperabilty activities when the file was transferred to CIOD in fall 2010.

Linda manages the interactions with departmental portfolio partners and coordinates the departmental planning activities for IT services and systems. She is responsible for overseeing all CIOD projects and planning activities as well as all ITIL practices and governance for CIOD.

Linda has worked in several departments in the Government of Canada, including Elections Canada, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Public Service Commission, and Treasury Board Secretariat prior to her work in Public Safety Canada.

Her experience includes management of government-wide projects, as well as departmental projects; she spent several years working in the IM/IT Security field, including development of government-wide standards and guidance. She managed the development of self-assessment processes based on the Capability Maturity Model, incorporating audit principles and guidance as well as security and technology.

Elysa Jones
Chair OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee

Elysa Jones is an internationally recognized expert in Emergency Interoperability Communications via Data Messaging. Elysa is Chair of the OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee (EM-TC) since 2004 and through her leadership; the EM-TC has developed the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Standard, which is also an ITU-T recommendation. She is a founding member of the Partnership for Public Warning, works with the Emergency Information Infrastructure Project and with government officials to understand the requirements for open standards adoption in next-generation alert and warning systems for emergency notification. As Chief Technology Officer of Warning Systems, where she has worked since 1998, she directed the design, development and deployment of over 100,000 Tone Alert Receivers for the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program. She developed web-based control systems many types of tone-encoded devices capable of being activated by CAP messages. Previously, she worked for the US Army Strategic Missile Defense Program. She holds a Baccalaureate Degree in Economics and Masters Degree in Computer Science. She is an advocate for the adoption of EDXL messaging standards and implementation of CAP.

Scott McGrath
Chief Operating Officer, OASIS

Scott McGrath serves as Chief Operating Officer for OASIS. Acting as an advocate for member interests, he manages member service operations, membership renewals, financial operations, technology services, and staffing resources to bring maximum benefit to all Consortium participants. Scott assists special interest groups, clarifies member issues, oversees technology and enhances member benefits and programs. A frequent industry speaker, he is conversant on the latest advances in interoperable computing solutions and well versed on industry studies and research related to the work of OASIS. He holds an MBA from Boston College. Scott is based in Boston.

Jack Pagotto
Manager, Emergency Management System Integration, Centre for Security Sciences (Government of Canada)

Born and raised in Ottawa, Jack completed science and engineering degrees at Queen's and Ottawa Universities before starting with Defence R&D Canada almost 25 years ago. Jack has had a varied career that has taken him around many of the CBRNE technology domains including 15 years as a bench scientist developing personal protective equipment and chemical decontaminants, a 5 year posting in Scientific Intelligence where he led a program that assessed new Russian blast explosives that were emerging during the late 1990's. During the past ten years Jack has moved into the new field of 'capability engineering' which is all about selecting and implementing system-of-system options to fill complex capability gaps. This summer Jack was promoted to Section Head at the Center for Security Sciences where he leads the Emergency Management Systems & Interoperability portfolio and a section responsible for the Public Security Technical Program elements in Critical Infrastructure Protection, Cyber security and Surveillance Intelligence and Interdiction.

Kshemendra Paul
Program Manager Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE)

President Obama appointed Kshemendra Paul as the Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE), and Mr. Paul assumed the position on July 6, 2010. The Program Manager has government-wide authority to plan, oversee the build-out, and manage use of the ISE. The Program Manager also co-chairs the White House’s Information Sharing and Access Inter-agency Policy Committee (ISA-IPC).

Mr. Paul is a recognized leader across the public sector championing best practices for information sharing and access. He brings a wealth of experience in developing and implementing government-wide information technology systems, standards, and architectures, as well as working with State and local officials on information sharing standards and architecture.

Prior to his appointment, Mr. Paul served as the Federal Chief Architect in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) where he led Federal enterprise architecture (FEA) activities and chaired committees responsible for leading initiatives such as inter-operability across networks and databases used by front-line law enforcement, homeland security, military, intelligence, and foreign affairs personnel nationwide. Mr. Paul also led several successful Presidential directed government-wide initiatives that promoted innovation and transparency within the government including, the Federal migration to IPv6, and start-up work for

Mr. Paul began his work in the Federal government at the Department of Justice (DOJ) in 2005 where he served as Chief Architect. While at DOJ, he led delivery and initial adoption of the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) across the national public safety, law enforcement, and homeland security sectors - an effort that has been highlighted as a critical component of the ISE’s success. In this role he led efforts around data standards and inter-operability across Federal, State, local, tribal, and private sector stakeholders.

He has been recognized by his peers for his work with NIEM and his work with cross-government leadership helping agencies improve performance through the use of information – by Federal Computer Week as one of the Federal 100 in 2009 and 2006; with the Justice Management Division Collaboration Award in 2007; by Computer World as one of the Premier 100 in 2008; and with the 2010 Excellence in Enterprise Architect (EA) Award for Individual Leadership in EA Practice, Promotion, and Professionalization.

Before joining the Federal Government, Mr. Paul was Group Architect and Product Manager with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (previously NASD). Earlier in his career he worked in a variety of technology product and service companies in entrepreneurial, technology development and management, and leadership roles.
Mr. Paul received his M.S.E.E. (1987), B.S.E.E (honors, 1984), and B.S. (Mathematics, 1984) from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Alain Perry
Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS)

Alain (Al) Perry is the Acting Chief Technology Officer for the Government of Canada. In his 26 years of service in IT in the public service, Al has had experience ranging from programmer, software engineer, enterprise architecture, IT manager, and application manager of naval applications including command and control systems within the Department of National Defence. In his current role, Al is charged with managing a team providing direction on IT policy, strategies and architecture to Canadian Federal departments and agencies.

Richard Mark Soley, Ph.D.
Chairman & CEO, OMG

As Chairman and CEO of OMG, Dr. Soley is responsible for the vision and direction of the world's largest consortium of its type. Dr. Soley joined the nascent OMG as Technical Director in 1989, leading the development of OMG's world-leading standardization process and the original CORBA® specification. In 1996, he led the effort to move into vertical market standards (starting with healthcare, finance, telecommunications and manufacturing) and modeling, leading first to the Unified Modeling LanguageTM (UML®) and later the Model Driven Architecture® (MDA®). He also led the effort to establish the SOA Consortium in January 2007, leading to the launch of the Business Ecology Initiative (BEI) in 2009. The Initiative now includes Communities of Practice focused on the adoption of BPM and SOA, Green Computing, Event Processing and Cyber Security.

Previously, Dr. Soley was a cofounder and former Chairman/CEO of A. I. Architects, Inc., maker of the 386 HummingBoard and other PC and workstation hardware and software. Prior to that, he consulted for various technology companies and venture firms on matters pertaining to software investment opportunities. Dr. Soley has also consulted for IBM, Motorola, PictureTel, Texas Instruments, Gold Hill Computer and others. He began his professional life at Honeywell Computer Systems working on the Multics operating system.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A., Dr. Soley holds bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Paul Wormeli
Executive Director Emeritus, The IJIS Institute

Mr. Paul Wormeli is Executive Director Emeritus of the Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute, a non-profit corporation formed to help state and local governments develop ways to share information among the disciplines engaged in homeland security, justice and public safety. He was most recently the Executive Director of the IJIS Institute.

Mr. Wormeli has had a long career in the field of law enforcement and justice technology. He has been active in the development of software products, has managed system implementation for dozens of agencies throughout the world, and has managed national programs in support of law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.  He was the first national project director of Project SEARCH, and was subsequently appointed by the President as Deputy Administrator of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA) in the U.S. Department of Justice. Mr. Wormeli helped design the first mobile computing equipment sold in this county to law enforcement agencies. Mr. Wormeli managed the staff work and wrote much of the report for the Information Systems section in the report of the National Commission on Standards and Goals. He was the project manager for the development of the first crime analysis handbook published by the National Institute of Justice. He has been an advisor to the White House on security and privacy, participated in the drafting of Federal law on this topic, and responsible for the development of numerous state plans to implement the Federal and state laws on information system security and privacy. During his tenure in the Justice Department, he served on the President’s Committee on Drug Enforcement. Mr. Wormeli is an author and lecturer on law enforcement and justice technology.

Mr. Wormeli was also the first Chairman of the Integrated Justice Information Systems Industry Working Group (IWG), a consortium of over 100 companies which was formed in 1999 at the request of the U.S. Department of Justice to help facilitate the implementation of Integrated Justice Information Systems throughout the nation. In this capacity, he facilitated the founding and organization of the IJIS Institute into which the IWG was eventually merged. He is an associate member of IACP, the Police Executive Research Forum, and a corporate member of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officers. He serves as co-chairman of the NIEM Communications and Outreach Committee. He has served on the technical advisory committee for the Harvard School of Government Innovator’s Network program for law enforcement and justice, on the NASCIO Information System Architecture Working Group, and on the CJIS committee of the IACP.

In 2009, Mr. Wormeli was appointed to a three-year term on the Committee on Law and Justice (CLAJ) of the National Academy of Sciences. The CLAJ, established in 1975, was created to provide a more scientific understanding of issues pertaining to crime and justice, and its activities today include identifying new areas of research and participating in resolving scientific controversies.

Mr. Wormeli has been a founder of three companies in the law enforcement and public safety information systems field, providing computer aided dispatch and records management software applications to law enforcement and public safety agencies. Software developed and implemented by his companies has been used by hundreds of agencies throughout the U.S. and Australia.

Mr. Wormeli holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of New Mexico, and a Master of Engineering Administration degree from the George Washington University. He undertook courses in the honors program for industry as a part of the doctoral program in Engineering Economic Systems at Stanford University.
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