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May 2016


Recap: March 2016

OMG held its quarterly Technical Meeting at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Reston, Virginia, USA, from March 14-18th. Close to 800 attendees met to influence the future of standards work, network with their peers and determine standards that will be cutting-edge tomorrow. 

Also included in the agenda were Special Events such as OMG Standards at Work in the Internet of Things (IIoT) and the Cyber Resilience Summit. Attendees heard thought leaders present how OMG standards are shaping the IIoT and how to manage IT/cyber risk to increase the resiliency of software and software-intensive systems in the federal government.

The following captures highlights from the week.

  Attendee Reception raffle winners.
Attendee Reception raffle winners (L-R): J.D. Baker, co-chair UML® Profile for BPMN™ 2 Processes 1.0 FTF; Djenana Campara, co-chair System Assurance Task Force; Corby Dear, Domain-level member, Finance Task Force; Dr. Gerardo Pardo-Castellote, co-chair Data-Distribution Service™ Platform SIG; Nikolai Mansourov, co-chair SACM FTF; Manfred Koethe, chair of MOF™ Support for Semantic Structures FTF; and Jeff Smith, co-chair of the Analysis and Design Platform Task Force.


The OMG Board of Directors voted to adopt: 

  • OntoIOp/DOL™ - A specification for an abstract metalanguage with an associated metamodel targeted at cross-language interoperability among a class of concrete languages used to record logical expressions found in ontologies, models and specifications.
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer for Robotic Technology™ (HAL4RT™) - This specification provides the base portion of a software platform for robotics and control systems to run applications on different hardware.
  • FIBO® Financial Business and Commerce - This specification includes ontologies to define financial instruments, functional entities such as banks and regulators, and financial products and services within the framework of the Financial Industry Business Ontology® (FIBO).

To view these and other OMG specifications, visit


OMG Technical Committees voted to issue a RFP for eXtremely Resource Constrained Environments DDS™ (DDS-XRCE), soliciting proposals for a transport protocol for use by DDS-based applications running on platforms with limited computational power, communicating over networks with constrained bandwidth.

The SysML® Extension for Physical Interaction and Signal Flow Simulation Request for Comment facilitates integration of systems engineering models with physical interaction and signal flow simulation models.

The Multiple Vocabulary Facility (MVF) RFP solicits an extension to any OMG modeling language to allow models to be developed and presented in terms of multiple, alternative languages.

Learn more about these and other technology adoption processes underway at


The OMG BPMN™ Model Interchange Working Group held a live broadcast of its 4th BPMN interchange capability demonstration on March 16, 2016 via Google Hangouts at The demonstration highlighted how tools from multiple vendors implementing this open standard can capture and exchange models of complex, real-world business processes.

A recording of the broadcast aired on March 17th during the Gartner Business Transformation & Process Management Summit.
Thirteen tools from 10 different vendors across eight countries on three continents interacted live during the demonstration. 


Multiple events took place during the meeting week including the return of the OMG Standards at Work in the IIoT and the Industrial Internet Consortium Forum. Below is a list of the TC meeting's special events which includes links to each agenda, where the presentations can be found.

Meet an OMG Member: Richard Beatch

Richard Beatch Richard Beatch, Ph.D., is the semantic and metadata architect for Bloomberg LP, based in Princeton, NJ. In this capacity, he serves as the Ontologist behind the development of  FIGI™ and as the author of the FIGI specification which is now an OMG standard. Richard is also a member of the OMG Architecture Board. 


OMG: When did you first join OMG and why do you go to the meetings?

My first face-to-face encounter with the OMG was at the Fall, 2013 Quarterly meeting in New Brunswick, NJ. I honestly had no idea what to expect as I had been invited along by a colleague who found himself in over his technical head with all the talk of semantics and OWLs and such. We attended the meeting with the hope that we might be able to work with the OMG in our efforts to disrupt the Financial Instrument Identifier space. To this end, we were sitting in on the Finance Domain Task Force meetings to get a sense of what might be involved. To put it nicely, I quickly found myself feeling rather at home; the various folks were, give or take a bit, speaking my language! Shortly after attending the meeting, we sorted out our membership and got to work.

OMG: What projects are you currently working on with OMG?

I am involved in the care and feeding of the FIGI standard, which is what brought us to the table in the first place, but, as noted above, finding myself rather at home with the Finance Domain Task Force crowd. I was asked to be the lead on the first FIBO Content Team, working on extending FIBO to cover securities and equities. From there, I have found myself involved, in one way or another, with every FIBO standard to come through the OMG. Finally, being a glutton for punishment, I have taken a two-year seat on the Architecture Board.

OMG: How has being a member of OMG helped you either personally or professionally?

The easy obvious answer revolves around expanding both my network and my domain knowledge, both in finance and in technology, but it is more than that. I have deepened my understanding of both systems and business architecture through this journey. This is both a personal and professional benefit as I have enjoyed the process, but I am also, I think, adding more value at my "day job" as I have a both a broader and deeper knowledge-base from which to draw in helping shape decisions within my area.

OMG: Why would you encourage other professionals to join OMG?

Beyond the benefits noted above, the exposure to thought-leaders from across both one's own industry and other industries is both fascinating and highly beneficial. The sheer diversity of expertise represented at any given OMG meeting is overwhelming. If I had been asked five years ago if I would be on a first name basis with people who work at NIST, the Mayo Clinic or who are, literally, rocket scientists, I would have laughed. The benefit of developing and fostering these relationships cannot, realistically, be quantified.

OMG: In your opinion, what is the top benefit of OMG membership?

One word: perspective. Being involved with OMG gives one such an enhanced perspective on both one's own area as well as technology in a much broader sense. I know of no other organization that brings these two aspects together nearly as well.

Richard Soley's "On the Road" Blog

Richard Soley
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No Magic Renews OMG Sponsorship! 

No Magic has signed on for another year as an OMG Platinum sponsor. The company has been a Platinum sponsor of OMG for more than seven years with the company actively contributing to OMG standards for 18 years. No Magic, the premier standards-based modeling, simulation and analysis solutions provider, continues to demonstrate its commitment and leadership in establishing standards throughout the technology industry. Thank you No Magic for your support of OMG!

Next Meeting: Orlando, Florida, USA, June 20-24, 2016

With summer around the corner, OMG is excited to be heading to Florida (aka the Sunshine State) for its June TC meeting. The meeting will take place at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel. Multiple special events are scheduled to take place throughout the week including:

Stayed tuned to for more updates. Don't forget to follow the Orlando TC meeting event on OMG's social media channels and use the hashtag #OMGOrlando and handle @ObjectMgmtGroup in your tweets!

Meeting Information - Technical Meeting - June 20-24, 2016 - Orlando, FL USA

Hot Topic #1: New CSCC Whitepaper

The Cloud Standards Customer Council ™ has published a new reference architecture: Cloud Customer Architecture for IoT. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting and most dynamic areas of IT at the present time. IoT involves the linking of physical entities ("things") with IT systems that derive information about or from those things which can be used to drive a wide variety of applications and services. In this new guide, learn how to support IoT using cloud computing.

Hot Topic #2: New CISQ Guide

The Consortium for IT Software Quality™ has published a recommendation guide: Effective Software Quality Metrics for ADM Service Level Agreements. Learn how to add software quality metrics to a service level agreement (SLA) to drive improved application ROI. The guide contains an example service level matrix and explains of how to set targets for security, reliability, and other standard metrics.

OMG Member Value Survey Update

OMG would like to thank those who filled out our Member Value Survey back in February. Chris Armstrong from Armstrong Process Group was the lucky winner of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

We realize how important your feedback is to our continued improvement. Your participation will help our team increase the value of your membership. On behalf of all of us at the Object Management Group, we thank you.

Did You Know: OMG Publishes Whitepapers?

Do you have an opinion about a trending topic or an idea to spark a debate involving an OMG standard or standards in general? Submit a whitepaper to be considered a thought leader in your field. Learn more about submitting a whitepaper for consideration by emailing

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