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November 2015

Recap: Cambridge 2015

OMG held its quarterly Technical Meeting at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, from September 21-25th. Close to 200 attendees met to influence the future of standards work, network with their peers and determine what will be cutting-edge tomorrow. 

Also included in the agenda were Special Events such as OMG Standards at Work in the Internet of Things (IIoT) and the CSCC Hybrid Cloud Summit. Attendees heard thought leaders present  how OMG standards are shaping the IIoT and how hybrid cloud is affecting security, interoperability and integration.

The following captures highlights from the week.


(L-R):  Jason Smith, co-chair of the Architecture Driven Modernization Platform Task Force and chair of the Structured Patterns Metamodel Standard 1.1 Revision Task Force; Alain Picard, co-chair of the Structured Metrics Metamodel 1.2 RTF; and Pamela Wise-Martinez, chair of the Government Domain Task Force, discuss latest standards work at the Chairs Dinner at the MIT Museum.


The OMG Board of Directors voted to adopt  two new submissions and five revised specifications: 

  • Archetype Modeling Language (AML) submission - Establishes a UML® profile that enables the specification of the Clinical Information Modeling Initiative reference model, and CIMI clinical models that are defined as a set of constraints on this reference model.
  • Interface Definition Language (IDL) 4.0 submission - Describes a software component's interface in a language-independent way, enabling communication between software components that do not share a language including a standard way to build application-domain specific Profiles of IDL.
  • CISQ Source Code Reliability Measure 1.0 - Establishes a standard measure of reliability based on detecting violations of good architectural and coding practices that could result in unreliable operation such as outages, data corruption, and lengthy recovery from system failures.
  • CISQ Source Code Performance Efficiency Measure 1.0 - Establishes a standard measure of performance efficiency based on detecting violations of good architectural and coding practices.
  • CISQ Source Code Maintainability Measure 1.0 - Establishes a standard measure of maintainability based on detecting violations of good architectural and coding practices.
  • Essence 1.1 - Defines a kernel and a language for the creation, use, and improvement of software engineering. The Essence Kernel provides the common ground to, among other things, help practitioners compare methods and make better decisions about their practices. The Essence language is a domain-specific language for practices and methods.
  • Financial Instrument Global Identifier™ 1.0 - Establishes a structured twelve character string intended to remain attached to a given financial instrument throughout the life of that instrument in addition to serving as a historical reference for retired/obsolete financial instruments.

To view these and other OMG specifications, visit this link.


OMG Technical Committees also voted to issue a Request for Proposal for the OPC-UA/DDS Gateway.


OMG elected new representatives, James D. Baker, Ambassador, Sparx Systems Pty Ltd. and Elisa Kendall, Partner, Thematix Partners LLC, to its Board of Directors. In addition, six OMG representatives who have held Board seats were re-elected to the Board of Directors:

  • Djenana Campara, CEO, KDM Analytics
  • Ben Calloni, Lockheed Martin Fellow, Lockheed Martin
  • Cory Casanave, President and CEO, Model Driven Solutions
  • Larry Johnson, Principal, TethersEnd Consulting
  • Anish Karmarkar, Senior Architect, Oracle
  • Ron Zahavi, Sr. Enterprise Strategist, CTO, Business Architect, Microsoft

Click here for a complete list of companies and organizations that sit on the OMG Board of Directors.


Multiple events took place during the meeting week including the return of the OMG Standards at Work in the IIoT and the Industrial Internet Consortium Forum. Below is a list of the meeting's special events which includes links to each agenda, where the presentations can be found.

Meet an OMG Member: Char Wales 

Char Wales Char Wales has been involved with OMG activities since 2000 as a representative of MITRE,  a not-for-profit organization that operates research and development centers sponsored by the federal government.  Since 2003, she has been co-chair of the Middleware and Related Systems  (MARS) Task Force. 

OMG: When did you first join OMG and why do you go to the meetings?

I joined in Dec. 2000. when I attended the meeting in Orlando at everyone's "favorite," the Caribe Royale; the same week "chads" were being counted and the Supreme Court chose our President with its decision to stop the counting. I started attending because I was supporting a group stood up in 1994 in response to a Memo issued by the US Secretary of Defense calling for the use of open and commercial standards in all military systems (in 1999, the message of this Memo was codified into a formal DoD regulation). This group interpreted its mission to include the promotion and advancement of Open Standards through active participation in standards groups and international consortia such as the OMG. 

I was also part of a Working Group actively seeking standards-based products that would operate in and provide specific functionality to real-time embedded environments & systems. My particular focus was real-time data access. OMG's Real-Time PSIG was working in this area and other related technologies, so I found a "home" there. 

OMG: What projects are you currently working on with OMG?

As co-chair of MARS, I'm drawn into many of its technical processes, typically the preparation of RFIs and RFPs, where    my contributions vary from minor edits to major rewrites to long collaborative sessions. My engagement in the Information Exchange Framework (IEF) stretches back more than 10 years and, despite some years of little to no progress, as of a few years ago, is now firmly underway. The IEF Reference Architecture, nearing completion, will serve to spur its next major leap forward. 

OMG: How has being a member of OMG helped you either          personally or professionally?

Personally, I feel honored to be among so many great people. The OMG experience is like being part of a family. We meet four times a year (used to be five) and, despite the months in between (and not ignoring what can become a blizzard of emails exchanged between meetings), we quickly pick up where we left off. Some are real friends, others acquaintances, and others like brothers or sisters. 

Professionally, my participation in and experience as a Co-Chair of MARS has helped me grow: to be confident in my ability to lead, to speak in front of a group, and to deal with individuals with strong personalities. 

OMG: Why is MITRE a Contributing Member?

MITRE has a large diverse sponsor base with technical interests and needs that cover a number of specific domains (e.g., health, robotics, C4I, government) and cross-cutting technologies (e.g., systems assurance, ontology, modeling languages). Since MITRE joined the OMG in 1992 as a Contributing Member, we have been and continue to be committed to ensuring standards and technologies (not just products) based on these standards serve the current and future demands of our sponsors.To that end, MITRE has contributed to existing and emerging OMG specifications such as hData, real-time CORBA®, UPDM™, SACM, and OntolOP. 

OMG: Why would you encourage other professionals to join OMG?

The OMG process ensures an equal voice to all: users, developers, vendors, and those in between serving as technical advisors to decision makers. OMG's specifications are not pie in the sky conceptions of perfection but based on real products advanced beyond where they would be otherwise. It's a place where you don't just listen to all kinds of presentations but where you actually get your hands dirty and work.

I continue to participate (more than just attend) because the specifications OMG develops are critical to our sponsors and I simply enjoy being part of the process.

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Tribute to Tom Rutt 

On September 6th, we lost a great friend to many, and decades-long Object Management Group and Industrial Internet Consortium contributor, Thomas Eugene Rutt, or Tom to his thousands of friends worldwide. Tom was a respected founding member of the OMG Architecture Board, where his expertise,
good humor, generous spirit and hard work were a constant example to us all. As chair of OMG's Liaison committee for many years, Tom also applied his experience of the workings of other key industry organizations to good use. We were privileged to have known Tom personally for more than twenty-two years, and like many of you, will miss him terribly. 

Next Meeting: La Jolla, California, USA, December 7-11, 2015 

Object Management Group is leaving the dreary, cold New England weather behind for sunny and warm California for our December TC meeting. The meeting will take place at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in La Jolla, California. Multiple special events are scheduled to take place throughout the week including:

Click here to register by October 30th, 2015 before the Early Bird Discount expires!

Don't forget to follow the La Jolla TC meeting event on OMG's social media channels and use the hashtag #OMGLaJolla and handle @ObjectMgmtGroup in your tweets!

OMG LaJolla

Hot Topic: New CSCC Whitepaper

The Practical Guide to Platform-as-a-Service whitepaper will help enterprise IT managers, business decision makers, application architects and application developers understand the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud service category and how it can be used to solve business challenges rapidly and cost effectively. This guide recommends best practices for using PaaS in terms of architecture, development processes, integration, deployment and operation. You can download the whitepaper here.

In other cloud-related news, the OMG Data Residency Working Group has begun work on a Request for Information (RFI) to brainstorm opportunities for writing Data Residency standards. The Working Group will meet again in December at the OMG TC Meeting in La Jolla, CA. If you are interested in joining the group, please visit the working group's webpage here.

Congratulations Real-Time Innovations, Inc!

RTI recently announced the company was named a Vendor to Watch by a leading analyst organization, Enterprise Management Associates. The company was recognized for its advanced technology, vast customer base and market leadership in the Industrial IoT market. You can read the press release here.

Did You Know: You Can Post Press Releases to the OMG and Members Press Room?

The OMG Press Room is a way for members to stay up-to-date on the latest news from the company and its members. So if you have a press release that talks about OMG standards,  then email to have it posted to the OMG and Members Press Room. 

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