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Nancy Lenehan
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UML 2.0 Standard Officially Adopted at OMG Technical Meeting in Paris

Needham, MA, USA - June 12, 2003- At last week's Object Management Group™ (OMG™) Technical meeting in Paris, France, the Analysis and Design Task Force voted to recommend adoption of the Unified Modeling Language™ (UML®) 2.0 Superstructure specification, completing the definition of this major upgrade to the industry's main software modeling notation. Complementary MetaObject Facility™ (MOF™) 2.0 specifications for the MOF Core and XML Metadata Interchange® (XMI®) were also recommended, updating the repository foundation upon which UML and Model Driven Architecture® (MDA®) tools are built. Alignment of the UML 2.0 metamodel with the MOF metamodel will simplify model interchange via XMI, and cross-tool interoperability.

"Based on our 5+ years of experience in using UML, we have learned a great deal about unifying modeling languages. Using this knowledge, UML 2.0 literally represents the next evolutionary step in our ability to express and communicate system specifications----one which provides a sound basis for MDA," said Jim Odell, noted consultant and writer as well as the co-chair of the Analysis and Design Task Force.

"With over 50 companies contributing their best technology and best practices to this release, the OMG process once again proves itself, turning out a major new standard that will have a resounding impact on the future of software development," remarked Dr. Richard Soley, OMG Chairman and CEO.

The upgraded UML standard now has the following features:

  • A first-class extension mechanism allows modelers to add their own metaclasses, making it easier to define new UML Profiles and to extend modeling to new application areas.
  •  Built-in support for component-based development to ease modeling of applications realized in Enterprise JavaBeans, CORBA® components or COM+.Support for run-time architectures allows modeling of object and data flow among different parts of a system. Support for executable models improved in general.
  • More accurate and precise representation of relationships improves modeling of inheritance, composition and aggregation, and state machines.
  •  Better behavioral modeling improves support for encapsulation and scalability, removes restrictions on mapping of activity graphs to state machines, and improves Sequence diagram structure.
  • Overall improvements to the language simplifies syntax and semantics, and better organizes its overall structure.


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