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OMG Announces BPMN Model Interchange Working Group
Seeks participants to help build test framework

Needham, MA- 01-22-2013- The Object Management Group (OMG®) is pleased to announce the creation of the Business Process Model and Notation Model Interchange Working Group (BPMN MIWG). The purpose of BPMN MIWG is to ensure the smooth interchange of BPMN models between tools that implement the standard. The group is currently seeking participants to join and is welcoming both OMG members and interested nonmember organizations.

The purpose of the interchange test framework is to support, facilitate and promote the interchange of BPMN Models amongst tools that implement the BPMN standard. The test framework will help tool providers iron out any wrinkles in their exchange of BPMN models, as well as identify any ambiguities in the OMG standard, which can then be resolved by OMG's BPMN Specification Task Force (RTF).

"BPMN 2.0 is the most successful Business Process standard around, but there are still some loose-ends in the interchange of BPMN 2.0 files that require some attention," stated Denis Gagné, chair of BPMN 2.0 MIWG and principal at Business Process Incubator. "The BPMN MIWG was created to support, facilitate and promote the interchange of BPMN Models amongst various tools…All organizations, be they end users or software vendors, are invited to participate. We hope that this effort will help propel BPMN 2.0 adoption even more."

BPMN provides a graphical notation and precise model for specifying business processes. It has been an OMG-adopted standard since 2005.

Work on the interchange test framework will begin shortly with BPMN MIWG holding weekly web meetings. The group will have its first in-person meeting at OMG's technical meeting in Berlin, Germany during the week of June 17th-21st. All parties interested in contributing are invited to join. For more information visit

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