OMG Certified UML Professional 2™ (OCUP 2™):



The experts who designed the OCUP 2 topical coverage and wrote the exam questions want peers and prospective employers to feel confident about a certified candidate’s ability to participate in or lead real-world initiatives involving all phases and aspects of UML modeling. Used in many different ways and in many different problem domains, UML modeling lets practitioners diagram a system’s structure and behavior in ways that bring out its salient features, enabling a final design that is optimized for its desired characteristics as well as being complete and correct. But not all UML users are model builders - some (and a very important group this is, including implementers, end-users, and stakeholders) will be model users. All of these professionals - model builders and model users alike - will benefit from OCUP 2 Certification which shows current and future employers or clients that they have the required up-to-date knowledge and skills to take full advantage of UML modeling, and are the more attractive candidates for hiring and promotion.
Because the OCUP 2 Program is an objective, validated measurement of a candidate’s knowledge and skills in the ways that UML modeling is used in today's complex distributed IT environment, by both model builders and model users (a category that includes implementers - coders! - and stakeholders). The examinations cover the IT modeling domain with the breadth and depth that will let peers and prospective employers feel confident about a certified candidate’s ability to participate in or lead real-world initiatives in enterprise and technical IT. For a general view of the topics covered by all three exams, look here. For links to specific lists of topics for each exam, click through on that page to the individual levels' Coverage Maps.
OCUP 2 is OMG's updated certification program for UML practitioners - both model Builders and model Users (a category that includes implementers and stakeholders). The program tests a candidate’s knowledge and skill in the construction and interpretation of model diagrams using OMG’s Unified Modeling Language. It consists of three levels - Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced - replacing the original OCUP certification program which has grown obsolete both because of its basis in older versions of the specification and its emphasis on language details over usage. The Foundation and Intermediate levels are available Now. Lower levels are prerequisite for certification at higher levels, although the exams themselves may be taken out of order.
Yes, of course you should! You are still certified in UML 2, but this certification is now obsolete - replaced by OCUP 2 which goes beyond knowledge of UML language details to cover UML modeling - for model users in addition to model builders. To bring your credentials up-to-date and so keep up with industry expectations, you need to take and pass the OCUP 2 examinations corresponding to your level of expertise - Foundation for everyone, adding Intermediate for practitioners working above the most basic level. (Consider adding Advanced when it becomes available mid-2017.) During the first year of availability of each of the OCUP 2 exams, holders of the original OCUP certifications can receive substantial discounts on their OCUP 2 exam from OMG - see the second question below this one for details.
After many years, the OMG and our modeling professionals feel that it's time to replace the venerable OCUP certification program with another, adding model interpretation and construction to the language details that were emphasized in the original program. We're doing this now because the adoption of UML 2.5 gives us an opportunity to tie our new certification program to a restructuring of the language (even though, as UML experts know, the changes to the underlying language structure make only minimal changes to the modeling layers). 

The OCUP 2 examinations are totally new - No questions carry through from the original OCUP program to this one. (So new, in fact, that studying from the original OCUP Certification Guide book will not prepare you for the OCUP 2 Foundation exam!) If you're OCUP-certified, we encourage you to upgrade your certification to OCUP 2 where you'll notice that most of the questions, even those that touch on UML element definitions, relate that definition to the way it gets used in a model. Another difference is that the knowledge and skills tested, especially at the Foundation level, apply to model users as much as to the model builders addressed exclusively in the original OCUP. It's important that these users - a group that includes implementers (coders!), end-users, and stakeholders - be able to read and interpret the model diagrams that foretell what the final application will do, and how it does it, and OMG is pleased to be able to serve this important group of professionals. 

The three OCUP levels are making their transition to OCUP 2 during 2014 through 2016. The first level, termed Foundation (replacing the original Fundamental) and the second, Intermediate, have already published and are available for testing and certification Now. Advanced will follow late in 2016. The original Fundamental and Intermediate OCUP examinations were withdrawn when their corresponding replacements published; the same fate awaits the current original Advanced exam.

If you upgraded to Intermediate or Advanced during the interim period by taking their original OCUP exam, your effort (and investment) were not wasted - - everyone who pays for and takes either of these original OCUP exams during this transition period starting 1 March 2014 may apply to OMG for a voucher to take the corresponding OCUP 2 exam for free by filling in this form. Vouchers will expire one year after their OCUP 2 exam becomes available. Remember that lower level OCUP 2 certifications are prerequisite for higher level OCUP 2 certifications.
Not on the Foundation exam, since this discount program has expired, but candidates who took the original OCUP Intermediate and Advanced exam after 1 March 2014 may apply to OMG for a voucher to take the corresponding OCUP 2 exam for free (as we pointed out in the paragraph just above). Candidates who took their Intermediate or Advanced exams before 1 March 2014 will receive lesser discounts; amounts vary depending on when the original exam was taken. Vouchers expire one year after publication of its exam. Apply for your voucher by filling in this form. NOTE that these discount offers only apply if you took your OCUP Fundamental exam in English. If you took your exam in Japanese, your program is administered by OMG's certification partner, the UML Technology Institute (UTI).
OMG recommends that you start with the OCUP 2 Foundation exam. If this is your first OCUP experience, your Foundation certificate will demonstrate that your UML modeling skills, knowledge, and even your point of view are up-to-date. If you're already OCUP certified, you'll recognize that an up-to-date certification will better demonstrate that your skills and knowledge cover today's complex distributed business process environment. Next, consider adding OCUP 2 Intermediate certification especially if you work above the most basic level (as almost everyone does). 

Note that the prerequisite for OCUP 2 Intermediate certification is (only!) OCUP 2 Foundation certification - Your original OCUP Fundamental cert is not enough. These conditions apply to the Advanced level also. Keep in mind that each lower level OCUP 2 certification is prerequisite for the next higher - While you are allowed to take the exams out of order, OMG will not award your certification until you meet the prerequisite requirements.



All of the documents referred to in each exam - specifications, articles, and books - are listed on the Coverage Map for that exam.
The OMG specification on the exams can be downloaded free using the links on the Coverage Map web page
All of the articles and white papers referred to may be downloaded and/or viewed free using the links on the Coverage Map web page.
The books are listed in the References on the Coverage Map pages, specifically detailed for each Exam level. If you already own a different book that covers a topic, you may decide to study from it instead of buying a new one. IMPORTANT: Also see the question and answer about (NOT!) studying for the new Foundation or Intermediate exams using the study guide written for the original version.



No training is required - you do not have to take or complete any particular training course before you take an OMG Certification Exam. Of course, we strongly advise that you prepare for the Exam by studying the subjects listed in the coverage map - the books or subject-matter equivalent, plus the freely-downloadable OMG specifications and white papers, and have a good general knowledge of the topic area - modeling using UML, BPMN, SysML, or Realtime software development principles. And, training courses and material prepared specifically for the OMG examinations are available - more about this two questions down this page, including a link to the program's Study Materials page.
For OCUP 2, the answer currently is Yes for courses, and Not Quite Yet for books. Several of the Subject-Matter Experts who wrote the exam questions, and others, have prepared courses that prepare you for the OCUP 2 examinations. Books, however, take longer to produce so OCUP-2-specific books are not yet available. We have listed these training companies and related materials on this Study Materials page.
In a word, No! The two exams are very different - while the original restricted itself to UML syntax and semantics (including the UML metamodel), the OCUP 2 exams test UML usage in the context of modeling. Study from one of the books mentioned on the Coverage Map and References page or another good book about UML modeling, and explore the ways you can control the listed UML elements in your modeling tool. Learn how to use, or recognize and interpret, these elements in larger diagrams, and how they can relate to each other. We based the new examination on these aspects of UML because they are the ones that you will use in your career as either a model builder or a model user. If you concentrate on the material presented in the original OCUP Certification Guide, you will be unprepared for the new OCUP 2 exam and so, results demonstrate, perform quite badly
At this time, practice exams are not available. We are confident that OCUP-2-specfiic books, when they come out, will include problem sections and sample questions at the end of their chapters.
The minimum passing score for each OCUP 2 exam is displayed on its individual web information page. Once you have completed an exam online at a Pearson VUE Testing Center, your score and pass/fail result will automatically be displayed on your screen. You will also receive a printed copy of your score report before you leave the testing center.  OMG does not release information on pass rates.



These are computer-based tests, which you take on a computer at a test center. On the day of the test you go to the center, present two forms of identification, and sign in. You will be escorted to a quiet room with one or more testing stations. You won't be allowed to bring anything into the room with you but your wits. You'll sign on to the computer and the test will begin. You will be required to complete an agreement promising not to reveal the contents of the test. The questions themselves are all multiple choice that present four or more options and ask you to choose exactly one. (Questions on some older exams may require you to choose more than one option.) The Exams last 90, 105, or 120 minutes depending.

You should arrive at the testing center at least 30 minutes before the test is scheduled to begin. During that time you will provide (2) two proper identifications and the test center administrator will give you a short orientation and then escort you to a workstation. If you do not provide appropriate identification, you will not be allowed to test for security reasons. Late arrivals will not be admitted.

You must have two (2) forms of ID, one with a photo and both with a signature.
Acceptable forms of primary (photo) identification include:

  • Government issued driver’s license
  • Employee ID work badge
  • School ID
  • Military ID*
  • Passport*
  • Alien registration card
  • Permanent resident visas (Green Cards)
  • State/Country ID

* Primary ID’s which contain an embedded signature are permitted as long as the Secondary ID presented has a visible signature.

Acceptable forms of non-photo identification include:

  • Bank ATM card
  • Credit card
  • Any ID on the Primary list

The Exams are administered only at authorized Pearson VUE testing centers, in their secure environment, on their secure equipment.

You may bring your identification, but not much else. No computers, PDAs, cellphones, pagers, books, notes, scratch pads, writing instruments, coats, jackets, backpacks, briefcases, purses, and so on.

Some centers may have lockers, but they are usually small, and there may be none available when you take your Exam. Please do not bring personal items to the test center.

No. There may be candidates taking other professional exams at the same time using Pearson VUE's computer-based delivery system technology.

Yes. When you sit down to take an Exam at the test center, you will be asked to agree to keep the contents of the Exam confidential and to accept some terms and conditions relating to the Exam and your certification. You will not be allowed to take the Exam if you do not agree to these requirements.

You can review the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) here. You can review the Candidate Agreement here.

All questions are multiple choice. All Exams are closed book. No written materials, notebook computers, cell phones, etc. will be allowed in the testing area.

Yes: As you take the exam, you may either mark questions that you feel are too difficult, or just skip them, to go back to after you reach the end. After you finish the last question, you will see a review screen that lets you jump back to any questions that you want to review. On the review screen, different symbols will identify questions that you marked, and questions that you skipped. Both marked and unmarked questions will be scored when you finally submit your exam. Unanswered questions will be scored as incorrect.

The Exams are not scored negatively - that is, no points are deducted for incorrect answers. This means that you can safely - and should - guess an answer to every question that you don't know. It is best to check if you have actually answered ALL questions before completing the exam (and the Review Screen makes this easy). If you are running short on time, just click any answer and move on. This way, you will at least have a chance to get some of them right.

Yes. Candidates with documented visual, physical, hearing, or learning disabilities, which would prevent them from taking an examination under standard conditions, may request special testing accommodations and arrangements. Please contact Pearson VUE directly.

(If you are taking a Beta exam, skip to the next paragraph) As soon as you have completed your exam at a Pearson VUE Testing Center, your score will automatically be displayed on your screen. You will also receive a printed copy of your score report before you leave; this printed report will include your score on each of the major sections of the exam as well as your total. This information is transmitted to OMG for our records. If you passed the exam you just took, and any prerequisites, you will receive your Certificate in the mail within about one month of taking the Exam. 

(If you are taking a Beta exam) You'll know that you're taking a Beta exam because you've applied for, and been accepted into, the Beta program for your exam and received a voucher to take the exam for free. (It is not possible to register and pay to take an OMG Beta exam.) Your Beta exam will contain more than 200 questions, and have a scheduled time of 4 hours or more. You will not receive a score or pass/fail notice when you finish - Instead, your results will be combined with those of all our other Beta candidates and analyzed statistically to produce the final 90-question forms of the exam, and set the cutoff score - a process that takes several weeks and cannot start until the last Beta exam has been taken. When this work is complete, we will calculate your score on the final forms of the exam and, if it meets or exceeds the cutoff score, you pass - Congratulations! If you have also passed the required prerequisites for your level, you'll receive a certificate in the mail, and an email notice on how to download the certification logo for your level and opt in to the OMG Certified Professionals Directory.


The OCUP 2 Certification Program includes three exams and certifications – the OCUP 2 Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced exams and certifications. All are being upgraded to OCUP 2, with the process for Foundation and Intermediate now complete and Advanced due to follow late in 2016. Look here for a diagram showing how the tracks and levels relate
Starting with the OCUP 2 Foundation is recommended, because passing it is a prerequisite to getting certified at the OCUP 2 Intermediate and Advanced levels. Certifying at Intermediate level (that is, passing both the Foundation and Intermediate examinations) is required to certify at Advanced level. So, the question is - How high should I go? That will depend on the job title that you have, or want, and the skill set that you have, or are learning. Look here or here for a functional description of the skills that each level of certification indicates.
No but - Lower levels of certification are prerequisite for higher levels of certification, but you are not required to take the exams in order. So, you won't receive an OCUP 2 certification at a level until you've passed all of the prerequisite exams required for its level. And about mixing programs: Because the exams did not publish at the same time, you may use lower-level OCUP 2 certs as prerequisites for original OCUP higher-level certs - For example, the OCUP 2 Foundation level will serve as prerequisite for an original OCUP Intermediate certification. This allows candidates to continue to achieve higher-level certifications while OMG upgrades the program.
Look at these Coverage Maps to see what is covered in each Exam.
In the United States, the cost to take an OCUP 2 examination is US$200; in many countries where English is not the first language, the testing time will be a half-hour longer and the price will be US$10 more (that is, US$210 or the approximate equivalent in local currency. Currency conversion does not track short-term fluctuations). This time extension is automatic in every country where it applies; when you finalize your registration, you'll see the extension. The only exception is Quebec (which is not a country, of course, but qualifies because French is the first language of the province). Québécois should email to <certificationinfo@omg.org> before you register (but after you have created your Pearson VUE account), stating your name and address. We will send you an email with instructions on how to register and receive the time extension. You have to pay each time you take an examination, even if you're taking an examination over because you failed the first time. Payment is by major credit card. For exact pricing in your country, please look here on the Pearson VUE test site.
Yes! OMG offers pre-paid Certification Examination voucher bundles at discounts starting at 5% and ranging all the way up to 20%, depending on how many vouchers you buy. Each voucher lets you take any one of OMG's exams. Vouchers are non-refundable and expire one year from date of purchase. Discount is applied to the price in your country.  Minimum purchase for the 5% discount is 10 vouchers. These 5% vouchers may be purchased from the Pearson VUE voucher store through this link: www.vue.com/vouchers/pricelist/omg.asp.

You can receive a substantially larger discount by purchasing a larger number of vouchers directly from OMG:

Package Designation Bronze Silver Gold
Number of Vouchers 25 50 100+
Discount % 10% 15% 20%

Discount is applied to the price in your country. For more information, or to purchase one of these voucher bundles, email <certificationinfo@omg.org> or directly to OMG's Director of Certification  Dr. Jon Siegel at <siegel AT omg.org>.

NOTE: For details about discounts on the updated OCUP 2 Intermediate or Advanced exam for candidates who take (or took) the original version, see this FAQ question. The update discount program for Foundation level has expired.

All of the Exams are in English. A Japanese version of the OCUP 2 Foundation exam is available now in Japan from the UML Technology Institute Co., Ltd.(UTI); the Intermediate examination will follow. (The original OCUP exams are already available in Japanese from UTI.) In non-English-speaking countries, the time allowed to take the examination in English will be a half-hour longer; see two questions down.
The Exams are computer-based tests (CBTs) delivered at testing centers owned or licensed by Pearson VUE. Exams are multiple-choice and include text and UML diagrams. For OCUP 2 exams, every multiple-choice question will present at least four options, and ask you to choose exactly one. Some questions on the original OCUP advanced exam may ask you to choose more than one answer.
The time may vary from level to level. The base time allowed for OCUP 2 Foundation is 120 minutes, and for OCUP 2 Intermediate is 105 minutes. When these English-language exams are delivered in a non-English-speaking country, the test time will be extended by 30 minutes and the price will be higher by US$10; this accommodation is automatic but you should check with your testing center to be sure. The only exception: Residents of French-speaking Quebec must request the half-hour accommodation; Québécois should email to <certificationinfo@omg.org> with your request before you register and allow time for arrangements to be made.
No. Both of these original exams have been withdrawn. OMG is pleased to offer the OCUP 2 Foundation and Intermediate exams and so certify candidates in the current version of the UML specification with the emphasis on modeling added by this new program. The updated OCUP 2 Advanced exam will be published in late 2016; final test dates for that original OCUP exam will be set around the time that its replacement publishes. See the first section of this FAQ for program details.
The answer to this question has two parts: First, as OMG promised originally, Yes, your certification is still valid - the certificate shows no expiration date, and your certification will appear on the OMG Certified Professionals Directory if you opt in. The Second part of the answer, however, is this: Your original OCUP certification tested an older version of the UML specification and only its language details, without covering the modeling skills and knowledge included in OCUP 2. Only an OCUP 2 Certification will demonstrate that you've been tested on the UML modeling knowledge and skills required to work in today's complex distributed IT environment. That's why OMG produced the OCUP 2 program, and why we encourage everyone to upgrade their certifications.



ATTENTION: OMG is not responsible for the scheduling or rescheduling of exams, or for exam refunds. These matters must be facilitated through our testing partner Pearson VUE. Furthermore, OMG strongly stresses the importance of carefully reviewing your confirmation letter sent by Pearson VUE upon scheduling an exam - Check especially that you have scheduled for the exam and level that you intend. Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of Pearson VUE immediately.

Go to the OMG Exam Registration page at Pearson VUE:  http://pearsonvue.com/omg. From here you can;

  1. Locate a Test Center
  2. Schedule a Test (requires a Pearson VUE web account)
  3. Reschedule a Test (requires a Pearson VUE web account)
  4. Cancel a Test (requires a Pearson VUE web account)
  5. Access Your Account
  6. View Available Tests
  7. Contact Pearson VUE Customer Service

At the bottom of the page, you can;

  1. Schedule Online (requires a Pearson VUE web account)
  2. Schedule by Phone
  3. Schedule through a Test Center

To create a free Pearson VUE Web Account: On the sign-in page that appears when you click on any function that requires an account, click on the link labeled "create a new web account" and follow the instructions that appear.

The Exams are available worldwide, exclusively at Pearson VUE Testing Centers. There are thousands of centers in over a hundred countries around the world. You can locate a test center by going to the OMG registration page at Pearson VUE, http://www.pearsonvue.com/omg , and clicking on Locate a Test Center.  You will also be able to search for and choose a test center as part of your registration process
You will schedule your Exam as part of the registration process. The Pearson VUE registration website will display available days and times for each testing center that you select to view on the web page, allowing you to choose the appointment that best fits your schedule.

When you schedule your Exam, you should be prepared to provide any of the following information:

  • Your name (you may be asked to provide your name as you would like to have it appear on your certificate)
  • Your Social Security, Social Insurance or Pearson Vue Testing I.D. (SP#) Number
  • Contact phone numbers - If there is a problem, we will use these numbers to reach you
  • Mailing address - Please provide the address to which you would like your certificate mailed
  • Exam number and title
  • e-Mail address - Once again for contact purposes, this is often the fastest and most effective means of contact. Many test sponsors require e-mail contact information for registration
  • Method of payment

Yes, you must cancel and/or reschedule your test through the Pearson VUE Web site and not through OMG. Please read the rescheduling policies in the confirmation letter for your appointment.



In most cases, you will receive your score report immediately after the test is completed. (If you took a Beta exam, see When will I find out if I passed, and what my score is? question.)  At the same time, you will receive some diagnostic information, to show you how strong you were in various areas.
First, Congratulations! You will have received your score at the test center immediately after you finished your Exam. If you have passed all of the exams required for a certification level, we will send you (by mail) a certification kit, usually within one month after you pass the Exam. The kit will include a letter explaining the certification, the actual certificate (suitable for framing) and instructions for downloading the OCUP 2 logo for the level of Certification that you have passed. You'll also receive an email telling how to register for the OMG Certified Professionals Directory.

If you fail an Exam, you can retake it after a minimum of 30 days, but you cannot take a particular Exam more than three times in a twelve-month period. There is no discount price for re-taking an Exam. The fee is the same as for the initial Exam. The diagnostic feedback that you will receive with the test score report will indicate the areas that need further study.

Candidates who qualify for OCUP 2 certification may use the OCUP 2 Certification Logo for their level (Foundation, Intermediate, or Advanced) as a graphic symbol to demonstrate to clients their skill and knowledge in UML modeling. Please follow these guidelines to correctly promote your relationship with OMG and protect the integrity of the Logo:

While your OCUP 2 Certification remains valid (see below), you may use the Logo on your business cards, letterhead stationery, resume, Web site, and marketing materials for individual service, to indicate that you have earned a credential in the OCUP 2 Program. If you write a book or course and your name appears as author (or a co-author), the logo may appear associated with your name; not in a way that associates it with the work as a whole. The logo may not appear on any other type of product or other material. You may not use it for any purpose other than to designate your OCUP 2 certification credential.

You may use the OCUP 2 Certification Logo only as permitted by the OMG Trademark Usage Guidelines at http://www.omg.org/legal/tm_guidelines.htm.

Some of these guidelines are:
  • You may not alter the Logo in any way.
  • Your name, trade name, or company name must appear on any materials where the Logo is used.
  • The Logo cannot appear larger or more prominent than your name, product or service name, trademark or service mark, logo, or trade or company name.
  • OMG may, in its sole discretion, terminate your right to use the Logo at any time.

OMG will re-issue a lost certification kit for a fee calculated based on your location and shipping costs, that must be paid before we ship. Please send an email to certificationinfo@omg.org with the following:

  1. full name
  2. current address
  3. candidate ID number

Once we've determined shipping costs, we'll reply with an invoice and as soon as payment is received your kit will be shipped.

You should receive your certification kit within one month of passing an Exam although shipment to some locations remote from our fulfillment service in the US may take a bit longer. If you have not received your kit within this period, please contact OMG by email at certificationinfo@omg.org.

Yes, it does (unlike most previous OMG certifications, although all future OMG Certification programs will also have expiration dates). Each OCUP 2 Certification expires 5 years from the date that you pass your exam, and this expiration is printed on your certificate and recorded in our Certified Professionals Directory. For the effect on prerequisites, see the next question:
To become certified at OCUP 2 Intermediate or Advanced level, you must pass the exam for that level before your next-lower level (i.e. prerequisite) certification expires at the end of its five-year term.  The Intermediate or Advanced certification that you attain in this way will remain valid for a full five years after you pass its exam even though your prerequisite Foundation certification will expire earlier during that term. During the full five years after the date you passed your Intermediate examination, you will be listed in OMG's Certified Professionals Directory at Intermediate Level, and may use that status as the prerequisite for Advanced Level certification which will, similarly, remain valid for a full five years after the date that you passed its examination. If you take and pass the exams in reverse order as described in Do I have to take the exams in order? question, your higher-level certification will still expire five years after the date you passed its exam even though your lack of prerequisite kept you from holding its certification until some time after that.

Certifications are associated with individuals, not companies. Your certification is granted to you and it will move with you wherever you go.

For more information or questions about the OMG Certification Program, contact  certificationinfo@omg.org.

OCUP, OCRES, OCEB and OCSMP are joint programs of the OMG and the UML Technology Institute (UTI).