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OMG TC Work in Progress
Last updated: Wednesday, 29-Mar-2017 15:13:57 EDT

Uncertainty Modeling RFI

Status: RFI Response Deadline has passed.


This RFI aims to solicit ideas, discussions, comments, recommendations, user needs and experiences about uncertainty modeling, particularly focusing on identifying use cases (in addition to the ones listed above) and integrating with various OMG standards (e.g., SysML, UML, MARTE, UTP, BPMN). The information of the responses will be ultimately used to 1) identify the requirements of the industry in terms of uncertainty modeling, 2) develop an RFP for an uncertainty modeling specification, and 3) issue the RFP (if possible) in time for the OMG Technical Meeting in March, 2017.

RFI Issued September 16, 2016
Relevant documents:
ad/16-09-02 (Uncertainty RFI)
RFI Response Deadline February 10, 2017

RFI Response List:

Benchmark Consulting
Micro Focus
February 9, 2017
Relevant documents:
ad/17-02-03 (Supporting documentation regarding the joint Uncertainty RFI reponse)
ad/17-02-02 (Joint reponse to the Uncertainty RFI)
ad/17-02-01 (Cover letter to a joint Uncertainty RFI reponse)

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