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CORBAŽ, XML and XMIŽ Resource Page

OMG Press:


  • CORBA and XML; conflict or cooperation, Andrew Watson, Object Management Group
    Discusses why XML and middleware are complementary technologies.
  • XML Metadata Interchange - The new OMG standard combining UML and XML, IBM
  • XML as a Distributed Application Protocol
    October, 1999- Java Report, Richard Deadman
    IT'S THE LATEST buzzword in the Internet application arena; XML, the open-standards child of SGML that promises to provide platform- and language-neutral data encapsulation and separate application logic from application data. It's hot. It's powerful. Everyone loves it.  But isn't this exactly what CORBA already provides? Author Rochard Deadman explores why XML is so hot, shows how XML can be used as a distributed computing protocol, looks at its advantages, disadvantages, and appropriate uses and conducts a comparison of XML and CORBA.
  • Does XML Need CORBA?, Rachel Chalmers, Computergram, September 24, 1999
    Three leaders in XML Technology explain why XML does need CORBA
  • XML & CORBA, Mark Elenko and Mike Reinerstsen, consultants at Xentrope, featured in Application Development Trends, September 1999
    A close look at XML & CORBA synergies.
    Reprinted with the approval of Application Development Trends

XMI Implementations/Work in Progress

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