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Business Modeling & Integration DTF Info Page


Notes from June 21 and 22, 2004
Business Enterprise Integration Domain Task Force
Reported by Fred Cummins, EDS

Software Portfolio Management
Pete Rivett of Adaptive delivered a presentation on the proposed final specification. The specification was considered at the last meeting. The version considered here had minor corrections from the previous version and thus qualified for a vote. The task force voted to recommend adoption (see OMG work in process for document references).

Business Rules Management RFI
Paul Vincent of Fair Issac presented the proposed RFI for business rules management. There were minor changes and the task force voted to recommend issue of the RFI ( bei/2004-06-03 )

Business Process Definition Metamodel
Tracy Gardner of IBM gave a brief presentation on current thinking for the BPDM specification. All submitters are working on a combined submission.

Business Modeling (part 1)
Fred Cummins of EDS presented several slides for discussion ( bei/2004-06-04 ). Key to this discussion was a mapping of commonly used “business models” to the Zachman Framework which suggested that the models do not align to Zachman columns but generally present views that involve multiple columns. There was also support for the need for mapping of enterprise processes to organizations and a transformation of enterprise processes to operational processes rather than enterprise processes being a simple abstraction of operational processes.

Organization Structure Metamodel RFP
Fred Cummins of EDS presented a revised Organization Structure Metamodel RFP that reflected issues raised by the Architecture Board on Monday. The task force voted to recommend issue of the revised document ( bei/2004-06-05 ) with minor modifications. The RFP was later approved by the Architecture Board and issued by the Domain Technical Committee.

Business Modeling (part 2)
Donald Chapin of Business Semantics presented levels of business modeling he has used in practice: Strategic, Tactical, Operational and Executable ( bei/2004-06-06 ). He uses the same levels for analysis of internal organizations where they consider other parts of the organization to be customers and suppliers of their services.

Montreal Meeting (August 23-27, 2004)
The Montreal meeting will be quite active with presentations of several specifications:

  • Business Process Runtime Interfaces revised submission
  • Business Process Definition Metamodel revised submission
  • Business Semantics of Business Rules revised submissions
  • Business Rules Motivation Modeling from Business Rules Group--consider RFC

In addition we will continue work on the roadmap for business modeling.

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