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Company URL: http://www.actionsoft.com.cn/
Main Product URL: http://www.actionsoft.com.cn/product/index.jsp?nav=3
Company Overview: Founded in 2003.Actionsoft helped pioneer business process management,Headquartered in BJ China.A dedicated focus on BPM has helped Actionsoft deliver a consistent track record of customer and revenue growth.
Product Category : Application Development, BPMN, Business Processes, Enterprise, Execution, Integration, SOA, Webservices
Product/Service Description: Actionsoft AWS is a complete suite of seamlessly integrated modules and components to manage the complete BPM lifecycle,built from the ground up to offer comprehensive BPM and SOA capabilities,Integrated product suite supporting both BPMN-style processes and case management.
Sales Contact: jackliu
Sales Contact Email: jackliu@actionsoft.com.cn
Sales Contact Phone: +86-010-62962343.626
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