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Company Overview: Agilium SA is a software development tool company located in France near Geneva. It licenses a unique Business Process/Activity Management “All-in-One” tool that enables users to manage exceptions easily and dynamically while a process is underway (an ability called Intelligent Process Automation). Agilium believes that no other BPM/BAM tool offers this feature. Agilium is a small company with a big idea in a large market. The ability to simplify and improve a user’s ability to react to change – change in technology, changes in customer needs, change in project requirements - through intelligent process automation is a critical success factor in a fiercely competitive global environment. The Company has established a respectable customer base in France that includes the Lyon Airport, Dynastar (Rossignol), Photowatt, Eurolamelle and others and is seeking to establish itself on the US market through OEM agreements.
Product Category : Business Processes, CRM, Integration, SOA,
Product/Service Description: Its product is based on a tool developed by scientists at CERN, the European nuclear research facility headquartered nearby, who needed it to track, manage and evaluate the millions of components that were assembled into a particle accelerator. The product has its greatest value added at the heart of business production processes, like ordering, inventory, manufacturing and delivery, where changes are frequent and often unpredictable as opposed to workflow-based support process like training, hiring, and internal procedures which do not change as much. It also functions well in large one-off projects, such as building the dam across the Yangtze River in China or a nuclear reactor, which require years to complete, where changes are frequent and where tracking changes is of critical importance.
Sales Contact: Pierric Bayle
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Sales Contact Phone: +33 4 50 69 88 05
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