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Company Overview: Autonomy Cardiff with its innovative Intelligent Document platform is a leader in providing solutions that unify people, paper and process. Autonomy Cardiff embeds intelligence into a document that enables it to have a self understanding of its content. This meaning-based intelligence enables the form or document to provide a rich user experience, enforce business data rules, route itself to the right people, and manage interactions with business systems. Both paper and electronic forms and documents are fully embraced by this unified and integrated solution. This makes Cardiff Intelligent Documents an ideal and elegant solution for information onramping.
Product Category : BPMN, Business Processes,
Product/Service Description: LiquidOffice redefines business process management (BPM) in the enterprise by accelerating cycles, ensuring compliance, and connecting people with information and processes, regardless of location. Plus, its integration of Autonomy's market-leading enterprise search makes LiquidOffice the first and only BPM solution that enables real-time access to, and use of, time-sensitive content throughout the process lifecycle.
Sales Contact: Sean Sullivan
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: 760.936.4500
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