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Company Overview: Clearview Software is a leading provider of Repurposing and Rejuvenation technology for corporate, mission critical, software. Our products include a suite of application and development tools designed to leverage your existing Information Technology assets and provide a graphical user interface that is familiar and easy to navigate. Headquartered in the USA, Clearview has helped corporations across the globe to work more effectively and securely. If your IT needs include reducing Total Cost of Ownership and maximizing Return on Investment, I invite you to explore our Web site and to contact us for more information.
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Product/Service Description: To our existing and future Customers, Clearview has developed a powerful software product to bridge existing applications (e.g. Client/Server or Character Based Legacy applications) to emerging technologies. When trying to deliver information from your existing applications to wireless appliances or to a web site, techniques of data base access and data mining are not enough. Rewriting applications are business disruptive, expensive and time consuming, not to mention risky. Until now, when adding functionality to your existing applications, you must be prepared to rewrite your business logic and duplicate workflow procedures. Clearview has developed a unique software product to do ‘application mining’, which avoids the rewrite of business logic or the duplication of workflow. We are applications engineers who understand the challenges facing organizations who are dependent on their business applications to effectively compete in a global economy. We deliver a powerful software product to bridge to existing applications and emerging technologies with an emphasis on keeping costs down, minimizing business interruption, and maximizing the effectiveness of emerging technologies. Clearview’s TEA (Transforming Enterprise Applications) User Interface Server is the result of our efforts and understanding of delivering business information to an organization’s vendors, customers and decision makers. We are confident that Clearview will be a solution provider that will protect and extend your software assets in a cost effective manner. We look forward to servicing our current customers and developing new customer relationships.
Sales Contact: David Phillips
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: (603) 472-7115






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