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Company Overview: With almost 10 years experience, Colabra is specialized in developing only internet software solutions, intranets, web sites and help desk with a proprietary applications an BPM systems with full web application interfaces, to provide advanced high tech solutions to its clients, which are mostly important companies and institutions. The solid knowledge and creative abilities of engineers, designers, journalists and publicists have positioned the company as leaders in the market, offering high quality results, functionalities and trustable solutions. Colabra´s organizational structure, based in pro-activity and professional quality, with a non massive business model allows the company to offer a highly competitive quality, cost and return of investment.
Product Category : Application Development, BPMN, Business Processes, Enterprise, Integration, Webservices
Product/Service Description: C-Flow 3.0 is a Business Process Manager System (BPM), to achieve full automation of business processes. This software solution provides a graphic interface environment to customize flow definitions, automatic and manual business rules administration, a complete interface of binnacle and follow up registry that eases the information analysis of process information in every step of a business process data flow. C-Flow 3.0 is a software solution that allows a complete or partial automation of business process, easing the process modeling in an enriched and unique graphic web interface. Technical description: • Full Web Application, Architecture N-Tier and Service Oriented • Supports Windows 2000 Server SP4 and Windows 2003 Server SP1. • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 y ORACLE 8i. • Integrated with Microsoft Active Directory (Intranet scenarios). • ERP and Legacy systems integration using XML y XML-Web Services. • Full integration with other Colabra´s web software solutions.
Sales Contact: Jorge Nieto C.
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Sales Contact Phone: 2640637
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