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Company Overview: East-Gate is an innovator in the Business Process Management industry. East-Gate has developed an innovative general-purpose BPM solution PROCE55, which the customers use for automation, integration, and mobilization of mission-critical business processes.
Product Category : Business Processes,
Product/Service Description: PROCE55 is an innovative general-purpose BPM (Business Process Management) solution. Using PROCE55 modeling with agile iterative prototyping, real improvement of performance in the context of complex processes can be achieved. It supports the development of human-centric and integration-centric solutions. PROCE55 complements existing enterprise software and adds agility to business operations. PROCE55 solutions are web applications, communication among the components is based on HTTP(s). Applications can be quickly composed from pre-configured building blocks – components; new applications can be effectively developed with PROCE55 Modeler (BPMN based). Special application logic can be developed with PROCE55 application server (supported languages: .NET, C, Perl, Java, Visual Basic). The final solution is mostly deployed on premise, because of the requirement of industry customers.
Sales Contact: Ivan Polak
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: +421265411318
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