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Future Tech

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Company Overview: Future Tech Systems, Inc. was founded in 1987 and since then has been constantly developing and enhancing the use of Business Objects to support enterprise agility and governance. We work with government bodies and large enterprises to help them secure their knowledge and information delivering it to the point of need whilst maintaining effective granular security. All based on object technology which enables a business object to be defined and then used polymorphically across the organisation. Our team has worked with some household names on projects involving substantial change across all enterprise disciplines. We drive Envision development to ensure that our clients can adopt any recognized standards, such as DoDaf, BPMN, etc., or create and use their own. Our aim is to provide a robust environment that never falls behind current methodology trends. We are currently shipping version 11.5 of our

Envision ®

Business Object Repository

Product Category : Application Development BPMN BPO Business Processes Compliance IT Modeling Centric SOA Webservices
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is a business object repository that allows users to define and use virtually any type of enterprise data. Users can define any number of "user views" for different ‘stakeholders’ containing any number of intuitive 'business objects' and capture any type of data ['attributes'] in support of these views. It is a highly flexible, object-oriented environment suitable for all types of Business Modeling, Enterprise Architecture, Risk Management, Requirements Management, and Systems Engineering. Analysts can -Model their projects, resources, processes, risks & tasks and their data to determine how to manage continual improvement. -Identify areas of interest and design better business and information systems -- at a lower cost. -Manage referential integrity straightforwardly Managers can deliver procedural information to all operational units confident that everyone is seeing the same version in a perspective that is relevant to their needs

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Sales Contact Phone: (+1) 253 939 7552
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