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Company Overview: GoGo Software is a Silicon Valley company that offers the industry's most customizable BPM software platform. Our vision is to change the way companies evaluate, purchase, learn and deploy, customizable software. We created a unique solution to enable companies to use GoGo Software to streamline business processes in a matter of hours. We offer a graphical workflow editor and form building tool that your entire organization can use to automate or streamline any business process, without buying a single, software license! Our founders have been working in software sales and deployment for many years. We were frustrated with how expensive and time consuming it has become to streamline simple business processes, so we created GoGo Software.
Product Category : Business Processes,
Product/Service Description: GoGo Software creates & customizes business applications such as help desk, contract management, CRM and time off requests, live, online. We do not believe in sales reps or Software Licenses. Basic business applications as low as $600 + a monthly utility bill, based on usage.
Sales Contact: Jeff Williams
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: 650-867-7704
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