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Company Overview: Graham Technology specialises in contact centre software and services. Enhanced customer service is achieved through catering to the exact needs of the organisation. Cost to serve is reduced through efficiency savings and cutting-edge self-service options such as Web, IVR, SMS and Instant Messaging. Since 1986, Graham Technology has worked with blue-chip organisations striving for operational excellence and, in partnership with Graham Technology, they have realised exceptional return on investment. Headquartered in Scotland, Graham Technology has 9 global offices, supporting a worldwide customer base.
Product Category : CRM,
Product/Service Description: Our core capabilities and expertise range from implementation of multi channel contact center products and systems, to improvement of business process and system usability. Applying our vast experience in the contact center industry, we consistently approach our engagements in a customer centric and agile fashion, delivering products and solutions that are easy to use and easy to change. Our latest offering ciboodle underpins each of these philosophies, offering the richness of CRM and the agility of BPM, putting you and your customer back in control.
Sales Contact: Paul White
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: +441415334000
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