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Company Overview: Groiss Informatics GmbH is a software house, whose main focus is the field of workflow management. Apart from the development and marketing of the workflow management system @enterprise we provide services around this product.
Product Category : Business Processes, Enterprise, Execution,
Product/Service Description: @enterprise is a state-of-the-art workflow management system for the design and execution of business processes. Written in Java, Web-based, and relying on open standards it provides platform independence. A Web-browser serves as the primary user interface. All interactions are accomplished via this interface: from the handling of processes and administrative tasks like user management or process definition to the graphical analysis of the process data.

The key features include:

  • powerful process definition: control structures include: branch, loop, choice, subprocess, events with synchronization, parallelism.
  • HTML interface: Full-fledged worklist client, using HTML forms for process data.
  • DMS: integrated document mangement with versioning, electronic signatures, annotations, full-text search, support of WebDAV
  • Reporting: The integrated reporting component gives you the overview what's going on, shows up-to-date information on key business parameters in an easy comprehensible way.
  • Standards: integrates smoothly into your IT-infrastructure by adherence with open standards like HTTP, SSL, Wf-XML, JDBC, J2EE, XML, LDAP, IMAP, JMS.

Easy customization: Using XML configuration you can customize the user interface to your needs. A rich programming API allows easy integration of @enterprise into your IT infrastructure.

Solutions for customers: Based on @enterprise we have build solutions for customers in various business lines: insurance, finance, telecommunication, public administration. Main customers include the Austrian Ministry of Defense, UBS (Switzerland), and T-mobile. The scalability of the system has been proven in installations with 10,000 users.

And it's easy: In a workshop we can develop a fully functional prototype of a workflow solution for you: You describe us your business processes, we implement them in @enterprise. Every employee can participate immediately - a web browser is all that's needed.

Sales Contact: Herbert Groiss
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: +43 463 504694
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