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Company Overview: Consultancy specializing in Business Process Definition and Implementation using OMG standards for business processes and business rules. Founder of the OMG's Business Rules initiative in 2002. Co-submitter of OMG Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (SBVR) specification. Developing the XMI and MOF definitions of SBVR for general use, and SBVR tools. Formerly Co-Chairman of the OMG Business Modeling and Integration Task Force (BMI).
Product Category : Application Development, Business Processes, Compliance, CRM, Distributed-Data, Enterprise, Integration, IT, Modeling Centric,
Product/Service Description: * Assist tool vendors in building SBVR tools. * Develop/integrate custom SBVR tools. * Education and training about SBVR. * Methodology for business modeling and requirements specification using natural language and SBVR. * Develop or convert Enterprise or Industry vocabulary and rules standards in SBVR format. * Assist organizations in developing formal specifications for information systems, using SBVR and natural language modeling. * Extraction of business vocabulary and rules from legacy systems in support of migration and business process automation. * Assist organizations in applying the Business Rules Approach to semantic integration.
Sales Contact: Stan Hendryx
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: 408 773-8089






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