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Company Overview: Image Technology S.A. is one of the most important players of BPMS’s (Business Process Management System) markets in Brazil. ÁGILES is the first BPMS solution that implements standard notations for processes proposed by the BPMS Initiative (BPMN – Business Process Modeling Notation). Image received investments in 2003 from a venture capital fund, REIF-FIEE fund (BID, ABN AMRO Bank and SEBRAE corporate shareholders). This initiative allowed Image Technology S.A. to become one of the most important players in Latin America. Moreover, the development team is composed of engineers with specific knowledge in high complex systems. The consultants have, besides the knowledge related to the BPMS, a great field of experience over the most diverse business-oriented areas.
Product Category : BPMN, BPO, Business Processes, Execution, Integration, IT, SOA, Webservices
Product/Service Description: Ágiles is a complete product suite for BPMS and ECM - Enterprise Content Management, that allows companies to automate (creating, executing and optimizing business processes) and manage all business-oriented processes with compatible speed, quality and affordable costs. Its unique characteristics allow business-oriented processes automation with no further programming needs. The integration with legacies systems can be implemented from connectors developed by IT professionals, and stored in a functions library to be used by processes professionals. This resource allows your company to develop a harmonious work relationship between IT and Processes teams. ÁGILES supports the standards of BPMI ( Process professionals can create and register tasks and business activities in a friendly and universal notation. With surprising ease, the professional will be able to associate electronic tasks, activities, authors and forms to the business-oriented rules that conduct execution of specific processes. Functional Characteristics: Process Designer with BPMN diagramming standards; On-line Processes, activities and people performance analysis; Human Resources Scorecard - for performance evaluation of those involved; Documentation and consultation of the instruction/procedures for execution of the processes and activities; Document management (DM) with full text research; Document Version Control; Digital Signature Support (PKI) – Entrust, Verisign and CIC; Support the main market tools of electronic form drawing; Process automation "ad hoc" style or based on "business rules"; Automatic Document, Processes and Forms version control; Processes and Form Central repository; Verification and Validation Functions of database fields; Automatic form filling functions Exportation and update data functions to other applications; Connectors Central Repository (SAP, Peoplesoft, other ERP); Integration with e-mail and SMS to send automatic notes; Integrated with LDAP; Matrix of Temporality; Multilanguage.
Sales Contact: Luiz Marcos Ferreira Ribeiro
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: 55 11 3846-3190
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