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Company Overview: KloudTrack is a technology and solution services company that offers simple, yet powerful and affordable, hosted Software-as-a-Service and Cloud (SaaS|Cloud) computing technologies tailored for governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) applications. KloudTrack is one of the first technology and solution providers to address specific international, federal, state and industry-imposed regulatory compliance standards in SaaS|Cloud environments across multiple vertical industry sectors.
Product Category : BPMN, Business Processes, Compliance, Enterprise, Integration,
Product/Service Description: KloudTrack® family of SaaS|Cloud modules consists of multiple applications fused together to form a powerful business process and data management platform. The modules currently offered under the KloudTrack suite include: * TrackFile™ * TrackFlow™ * TrackBatch™ | unCommon DataHub™ * TrackCapture™ * TrackMail™ * TrackMedia™ * TrackCash™
Sales Contact: Shane Gallagher
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: 240-499-3844
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