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Company Overview: KnowGravity Inc. is a small, but smart consulting company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Focusing on model-based business, systems, requirements, and software engineering enables us to tackle problems ranging from developing business strategies to designing complex technical systems in a holistic way. As an active member of the Object Management Group (OMG), we apply standardized, practice-proven approaches and tools whenever possible. We combined these approaches into a holistic engineering framework called "Model Driven Enterprise Engineering™ (MDEE)", in which developing and utilizing models in a professional manner represents the central paradigm. Based on MDEE, we help our customers by providing dedicated training courses, project-specific coaching, active project participation as well as supporting tools.
Product Category : Business Motivation, Business Rules, Business Processes, Executable Specifications, Enterprise Architecture, Knowledge Management
Product/Service Description: KnowEnterprise® is a software tool supporting Model Driven Enterprise Engineering™ (MDEE) that helps strategists, business architect, system architects, system developers as well as operational staff of an enterprise to capture knowledge ranging from the enterprise's vision down to technical details of its operational systems in an integrated repository and exploit this knowledge in various ways. KnowEnterprise captures this knowledge using a set of modeling languages of the Object Management Group (OMG)including the "Business Motivation Model" (BMM), "Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules (SBVR)", the "Business Process Model and Notation" (BPMN), the "Value Delivery Modeling Language" (VDML), the "Systems Modeling Language" (SysML), the "UML Testing Profile" (UTP), the "Unified Modeling Language" (UML) and the "Object Constraint Language" (OCL).
Sales Contact: Markus Schacher
Sales Contact Email: [email protected] 
Sales Contact Phone: +41 44 43 42 000
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