Maxite Network Co., Ltd.

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Company Overview: Maxite Network Co., Ltd. was founded on August 1, 1999 with Capital registration $ 1,250,000. The object of the company to develop world standard application and deliver the best services for our clients.
Product Category : Business Processes,
Product/Service Description: XIQMA Product has design to flexible for any organization’s environment who would like to implement a day to day operation software. An effective implementation also builds the framework to use the solution to manage and act upon tactical business events in the future. XIQMA has three major modules would allow super user to build up user interface in your way because we do BPM with experts, who understand how to orchestrate all different disciplines needed, to empower organizations to achieve their strategic business goals.
Sales Contact: Simon
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: +66 0 27434301 #709
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