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Company Overview: With a focus on enterprise visibility, resource optimization, efficiency and agility, Metastorm offers market-leading software for enterprise and business architecture (EA), business process analysis (BPA), and business process management (BPM). As an integrated product portfolio, Metastorm Enterprise allows organizations to improve business results by better aligning strategy with execution. By combining the power of these three disciplines onto a common platform, Metastorm is helping organizations worldwide focus on the right business improvements,
instill stronger governance, and accelerate time to value. For more information and success stories on organizations powering strategic advantage with Metastorm Enterprise, visit
Product Category : BPMN, BPO, Business Processes, Enterprise, Execution, Integration, Modeling Centric
Product/Service Description: The Metastorm Enterprise software portfolio includes:

Metastorm ProVisionR is a comprehensive suite for enterprise and business architecture, process discovery and business process analysis. Key enterprise resources - including systems, data, resources, finances, processes, products, and suppliers - and their inter-dependencies can be modeled, shared, and refined in a standalone or collaborative environment. Business processes can be modeled, simulated and optimized to take full advantage of available business resources. Process discovery capabilities allow accurate data to be collected about current processes to ensure valid models and simulation assumptions.

Metastorm BPMR is a highly scalable, enterprise BPM suite designed to support the full roundtrip process management lifecycle - including detailed design, automation, deployment, integration, analysis, monitoring, and improvement of both human and system-based processes within and across organizations. Metastorm BPM supports rapid implementation and provides flexibility for both planned and real-time change.

Metastorm Integration Manager (MIM) is a full-featured integration tool designed to handle high-volume, system-based processes and to leverage even the most obscure legacy applications. Its robust managed file transfer (MFT) capabilities help ensure the timeliness and accuracy of critical process data.

Each solution in the Metastorm Enterprise portfolio can operate standalone or in combination. Together these software applications provide comprehensive enterprise visibility, governance and agility - allowing business and IT users of all levels to accurately assess the impact of key decisions, identify new opportunities for improvement, and optimize overall performance for increased profitability and strategic advantage.

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