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Company Overview: Mono-sys Co. Ltd. is a leading enterprise solution provider for integration software development [EAI] as well as business process management [BPM]. We have provided quality IT services and product to public/commercial sites successfully since 1998. Mono-sys delivers professional services and product for total integration environment and advanced business process management to ensure business improvement and customer satisfaction.
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Product/Service Description: Tigris BPM is the Business Process Management System (BPMS) Mono-sys Co., Ltd has developed with its own technology. It supports methodologies, policies, measures, and actual business activities of the enterprise, and Business Process management (BPM) which continuously optimizes work and process by using the process modeler. Tigris BPM is the solution that provides business infrastructure to the enterprise. It keeps improving and amending business process and enables the Real-Time Enterprise (RTE). Tigris BPM standardizes business process and makes it visible to users. As the conveyor belt delivers work to workers responsible for, it automatically delivers to users, which results in far better efficiency compared to traditional work environment where you have to figure out and check yourself your duty to be done every day. Tigris BPM’s distinguishing features:  Defines business process in two ways: logical process model comprehensible for actual users and physical process model comprehensible for Workflow/BPM engine. It enables Tigris BPM to be used as both a work-automating tool and a BPR/PI tool.  Conveniently draws the relation and analyzes the gap between logical process model and physical process model with help of automated logical-physical process mapping diagram offered.  Manages process with the process map of hierarchical structure, not of categorical, and that makes the relation among processes clearly visible and apprehensible  Provides an efficient process drawing method thanks to the function of deducing cooperation-based processes and activities, and satisfies the paradigms of Web 2.0 and BPM 2.0.  Provides an integration business environment and outcomes management tool by supporting BSC, ABC/ABM, VBM.  Is powered by XPDL, WFMC’s process definition standard, and by BPMN, the notation standard of BPMI’s business process diagram, which ensure broad compatibility with legacy programs and solutions.  Is codeless-oriented, being the foundation of the RTE environment.  Is easy to install and capable of working on various platforms.  Offers ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)-based information system integration infrastructure.
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