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Company Overview: Set up in Houston, Texas (U.S.), PECTRA Technology, Inc. is an IT company made up of BPM – Business Process Management – specialists and management experts. This winning combination has allowed for sustained growth based on providing effective solutions to complex problems affecting a wide range of business types.
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Product/Service Description: PECTRA Technolgy's award-winning Business Process Management system, PECTRA BPM Suite, is a powerful set of tools enabling discovery, design, implementation, maintenance, optimization and analysis of business processes for different kinds of organizations. PECTRA BPM Suite is an application that automates the processes and the most critical tasks in the organization, generating optimum levels of operational effectiveness. It fulfills all requirements demanded by today’s organization, quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, it increases the return on previous investments made in technology by integrating all existing applications. Based on the BPM technology it incorporates the concepts of: BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) providing management with user-friendly graphic monitoring tools, to follow up any deviation in the organization's critical success factors, with capabilities to control and coordinate the organization's performance by means of graphic management indicators; WORKFLOW offering powerful tools to automate and speed the organization's business processes, improving communication and work-flow between people working in different areas; carrying out the work more efficiently and producing customer satisfaction, lower levels of bureaucracy and cost-reductions in day-to-day operations; EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) enabling integration with all existing technologies in the organization, regardless of their origin or platform, coordinating them to help the organization achieve its goals more efficiently; and B2Bi (Business to Business Integration) enabling the control and coordination of each and every link in the organization's value chain, providing robust tools for business process management, and enterprise application integration, making it possible to totally integrate suppliers, clients and partners in an easy and flexible way.
Sales Contact: Mr. Luis Crespo
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: 713 335 5562
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