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Company Overview: Pegasystems provides software to manage and optimize changing business processes. Its unified BPM Suite gives business people and IT departments the ability to use best processes across the enterprise. Our new class of Business Process Management (BPM) technology makes customers' enterprise systems easy to use and easy to change. By replacing policy manuals, system specifications and lines of manual coding with dynamically responsive updates, Pegasystems powers the world's most sophisticated organizations to "build for change". Pegasystems award-winning, standards-based BPM suite is complemented with best-practice solution frameworks to help leaders in the financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing and government markets drive growth and productivity.
Product Category : Business Processes,
Product/Service Description: SmartBPM Suite -- builds business-oriented dynamically versioned composite applications within a service oriented architecture.
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Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: 617-866-6154
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