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Company Overview: What we do: we are excellent at capturing a person’s know how on paper, the modern paper that is the computer screen. We do this through software that employs the psychology of how a person explains what they do (sequentially) and how they perceive it (visually). Once we have done that, which is in the format of a computer file, we can do a load of wonderful things - like automatically creating great documents, web sites and web content, software designes and software systems, and even multimedia materials. Plus, as it is a computer file, it can even be used by IT to build inexpensive systems.
Product Category : BPMN,
Product/Service Description: Our system is a very easy to use process designer which anyone can work with after watching a 5 min training video - and it creats excellend documentation, html pages, and the structure means we can deliver roundtripping with systems such as ARIS, Casewise, Metastorm, Netweaver, Websphere, Pega, Tibco, Oracle, Infosys, Flowcentric, jBPM, and ay other modern system.
Sales Contact: Alan Crean
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: 011353857654455
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