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Company Overview: Red Rabbit Software was founded in 2004. It provides transformative solutions to fortune 500 companies, delivered on its flagship product called The Corona Platform Suite. These transformative solutions integrate people, processes and technology across department and enterprise boundaries, in ways that significantly compress, simplify and accelerate the underlying business operations. Transformative solutions connect and extend the enterprise by eliminating inefficiencies that originate in communication gaps between internal business units, external partners, and their respective computing environments. By bridging those gaps with an open standards-based solution, Red Rabbit Software enables real-time collaboration and process integration across global production networks. The return on implementation investment is swift and continuous. These easy to use business management solutions enable companies to gain competitive advantage over their competitors within half the time, by empowering managers to make smart and timely business decisions. Red Rabbit Software's innovative approach gives insight into business processes and business events that transpire during the orchestration of applications. These events otherwise went unnoticed previously. With Red Rabbit Software's industry focused solution accelerators, customers receive real-time strategic intelligence, Effective 360o Business to IT alignment, Corporate Performance and Compliance Management for their specific industry-oriented business problems. Our offerings include: Corona Enterprise Suite Retail & CPG Compliance Corporate Performance Management (CPM)
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Product/Service Description: The Corona Business Domain Modeler allows an Enterprise to define any event of interest inside any process. Such events can also be aggregated to form higher-level composite events. This event model is in turn made up of metrics. This model can be visually captured and stored. Business Rules can be applied to the model.
Sales Contact: Rajan Ahmad
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: 312-245-2900
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