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Role Modellers Ltd

Company URL: http://rolemodellers.com
Main Product URL: http://humanedj.com
Company Overview: Role Modellers' mission is to enhance the support of human collaborative work; processes that involve innovation, depend on interaction and are dynamically shaped by the participants. In a 21st century business environment that is globalized, decentralized and insanely competitive, such processes are more important than ever before. Our software tools are based on Human Interaction Management ("the breakthrough that changes the rules of business", Peter Fingar), as documented in "Human Interactions - The Heart and Soul of Business Process Management" ("the overarching framework for 21st century business technology", bptrends.com; "a must read for Process Professionals and Systems Analysts alike", bpmg.org).
Product Category : Business Processes,
Product/Service Description: HumanEdj is Web software to collaboratively define and execute dynamic, cross-boundary, multi-level Plans. HumanEdj is based on Human Interaction Management (HIM), which provides the means to integrate both workflow- and case-based approaches into simple, high-level work processes based on business-oriented principles (effective teams, structured communication, building knowledge, effective use of time, and dynamic re-planning). HIM allows non-technical knowledge workers to create and execute collaborative Plans, optionally based on standard templates open to continuous improvement. HIM Plans flex as necessary while retaining structure, are able to cross organizational boundaries without loss of control, and can be visualized using familiar project management techniques such as GANTT Charts. HIM provides the opportunity to integrate multiple approaches to process management, since Activities in a HIM Plan that are highly structured or automated can be handled via a workflow-based sub-process, and Activities in a HIM Plan that are document- or decision-centric can be handled via a case-based sub-process. HIM also enables integration of social technologies with management concerns, since a HIM Plan provides a goal-oriented context for messaging and information exchange.
Sales Contact: Keith Harrison-Broninski
Sales Contact Email: khb@rolemodellers.com
Sales Contact Phone: +442081231006
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