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Company Overview: Modeliosoft, a SOFTEAM subsidiary, distributes and supports the Modelio System & software modeling tool. Modelio provides integrated support of all major modeling and methodological standards. By providing a complete and practical extension mechanisms, open source base and teamwork support, multi-projects/models governance support, Modelio BA is the tool of choice for BPM/Enterprise Architecture Modeling.
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Product/Service Description: Modelio BA is dedicated to Business analysts and architects. It is used to model enterprise architecture and business processes, carry out mapping, produce documents, have an enterprise repository of these models, and control overall traceability and impact analyses. With Modelio BA, the entire Enterprise Architecture is formalized in a single repository, from the vision of the enterprise to the solution. For each participant, Modelio BA is configured to show only those repository aspects that he/she is working on. Modelio BA maintains the consistency of the entire repository. A documentation repository (Microsoft Word or web portal documents) can also be automatically produced from the repository, at whatever frequency best suits the enterprise. The Modelio repository, which contains all the models, can be audited at any time. All elements are traced, enabling users to identify the origin of elements and their impact on the entire repository. All enterprise knowledge is therefore integrated into the Modelio BA repository. With the Constellation extension, users have a dedicated vision of the model, which is filtered according to their profile and their areas of interest. This product includes: • Requirement, goal, risk, Business rule and dictionary analysis • Traceability and impact analysis • UML/BPMN and Archimate (“The Open Group” Standard) modeling • High-quality documentation production (requirement analysis, business process definition, design, class or use case diagrams, application or technology architecture, etc.) Four options are available: • Modelio BA: basic version • Modelio BA – DATA: basic version + data modeling and database schema generation and reverse • Modelio BA – TOGAF: basic version + enterprise architecture modeling using the TOGAF framework, BPM modeling, matrices for processes, applications, flows, etc. • Modelio BA Archimate : The only toll on the market that natively supports UML + BPMN + Archimate in order to support in details Enterprise Architecture Modeling. Two extensions can be added: • Team work: to easily share your models between several contributors • Constellation: to share and organize your projects between your teams, support distributed and federated organizations, support multi-projects, and support WEB based distributed administration of Modelio configurations and repositories. • See to: - Evaluate Modelio - See Videos - Read whitepapers and case studies
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