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Company Overview: Select Business Solutions, an Avantc√© Software company ( is a leading international software company with customers drawn from the Global 1000. Select provides comprehensive solutions consisting of pragmatic tools and services, for business critical IT software development, deployment, management, information access and enterprise reporting. Headquartered in Trumbull Connecticut, Select operates sales offices throughout North America and Europe, in addition to a network of international distributors. Select Business Solutions' mission is to improve our customers’ productivity by providing comprehensive solutions consisting of pragmatic tools and services for business critical software development, deployment and management, as well as business intelligence.
Product Category : Application Development, BPMN, BPO, Business Processes, Enterprise, Modeling Centric, SOA, Webservices
Product/Service Description: Select Architect is a scaleable modeling tool for pragmatic BMM, BPM, Service and Component Based Development, and Unified Modeling Language (UML). Select Architect is widely accepted and recognized as a consistent innovator in the design tools and modeling tools market. The core of Select Architect is a pragmatic UML profile, focused on component based development (CBD) and business system design. Database design is catered for through Entity Relationship Diagrams, using notations familiar to DBAs and database designers. Finally, free form diagrams are available just in case you need to do something different. Select Architect's approach as a modeling tool is minimalist and easy to learn, while applying industry standards to give you all the tools you need for system design.
Sales Contact: Colin Pickering
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: +44 1242 2460200
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