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Company Overview: SilverRoad Solutions is an innovative management consulting firm specializing in helping organizations be more productive.

We assist organizations in successfully implementing transformational change. Our consultants possess strong project management skills and a thorough understanding of business processes, best practices and technology. Our clients include Fortune 1000 multinational corporations, mid-size companies, state and local governments. Our arms length relationship with software vendors provide us with the objectivity to do what’s in your best interests, not theirs.

Product Category : Business Processes, ERP, Execution
Product/Service Description: Business Process Management has been defined as an activity performed by an organization to improve its processes. BPM is accomplished by aligning processes with strategic goals, applying automation and establishing process measures to keep the new process in line with organizational goals. At SilverRoad Solutions we believe that the foundation for any successful BPM project is to focus on the process first, not automation first. Although BPM may use automated tools it is not meant to be a substitute for process improvement. Significant productivity gains are the result of understanding the end-to-end process prior to implementing software. An automated but inefficient system is the reason for many of the complaints about today’s most popular software solutions. We believe the most successful implementations focus on improving your processes through a combination of streamlining the activity, incorporating Best Practices, leveraging the technology and providing the appropriate training.
Sales Contact: Tom Sonde
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