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Company Overview: SERVICES ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE (SOA) FOR MANUFACTURING The Starthis iTapestry architecture provides industrial automation software tools for managing the real-time flow of production information within your plant and across the enterprise. This is the next step in the Services Oriented Architecture evolution occurring within the other major information solutions areas of any corporation today - CRM, SCM, MES and ERP. iTapestry’s productivity tools provide direct access to data, management of data distribution and integration, work-in-process visibility, security, continuous availability, reporting and monitoring, and interactive operator interfaces. This is the best way to make vital real-time information available to all key decision-makers in the enterprise.
Product Category : Application Development, Business Processes, Distributed-Data, Enterprise, Execution, Integration, IT, Modeling Centric, SOA, Webservices
Product/Service Description: iTapestry is a comprehensive set of plant information services tools for both IT and Operations professionals, designed to manage the flow of all of the production data throughout the manufacturing enterprise. The software provides real-time, direct access, to every industrial automation device connected through the existing industrial network. The technology allows on demand, as needed access to production data, determined by enterprise needs and not the existing technology in the plant floor devices. Now you can manage production data from the enterprise level as a compliment to existing plant floor data control. The Operations staff is relieved of the burden of delivering data, yet it provides supervised secure access to data for the IT staff. We have also incorporated the new BPEL - business process execution language - initiatives in driving business processes down to the actual production floor. This development was a result of our Dept. of Commerce, NIST ATP project ( . Our BPEL Exchange software has been tested and certified on the Oracle BPEL Engine and IBM BPEL Engine.
Sales Contact: David Hughes
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
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