Valgen Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Company Overview: Valgen based in Chennai & USA specializes in delivering IT solutions to manufacturing companies for over a decade. Valgen has established itself as a preferred IT partner to various SMEs and also OEMs in India.This is made possible because of Valgen enviable combination of expertise in consulting and IT culminating in delivering right solutions.
Product Category : ERP Software,
Product/Service Description: ValGn-ES is built on proven Microsoft .NET Technology and oracle database for the back-end. ValGn-ES is based on a three-tier architecture viz. client layer,application layer and database layer. ValGn-ES completely web enabled and support multi-location. The 3-tier architecture makes the solution scalable and support the growing demand of users.The solution can be deployed either over the internet or intranet.
Sales Contact: Vijay R.Lakshmanan ( Asst. Vice President - Business Development )
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: +919940083454
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