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Company Overview: Visible Systems is a boutique IT company, specializing in mainstreaming framework-based software engineering throughout the enterprise. Visible Systems history predates that of the PC, Windows and even DOS. Visible Systems was the first in the modern software engineering world to recognize the need in the marketplace for a software documentation system that would allow its clients to document their information systems electronically, which was based on the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”
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Product/Service Description: Visible Analyst enables true enterprise application engineering by storing and documenting data, processes, business requirements, and objects that can be shared by application developers throughout an organization. The result: you can more easily design and control enterprise software for quality, consistency, and reusability in business applications through the managed sharing of meta-data. All editions support concurrent multi-user access.
Sales Contact: Mike Cesino
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Sales Contact Phone: 401-261-4267
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