Whitestein Technologies AG

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Company Overview: Whitestein Technologies is a Swiss-based leading global supplier of intelligent process management and planning software solutions. Operating in Europe, the Americas, Middle East, and Asia Pacific, Whitestein serves multiple markets with a keen focus on Financial Services, Government, and Logistics.
Product Category : Intelligent Software, iBPMS, iBPM, BPMN, Business Process Automation, Application Develepment and Integration, Planning and Optimization, Analytics
Product/Service Description: Whitestein's core product is the Living Systems Process Suite (LSPS), a platform for building intelligent applications for the enterprise, both for iterative legacy systems replacement, and for bespoke applications that automate straight-through and case-based business processes. Comprehensive pre-built domain solutions and frameowrks built with LSPS are available across multiple industries, with a particular focus on Financial Services
Sales Contact: Dominic Greenwood
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: +41442565000
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