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Company URL: www.digiblitz.com
Main Product URL: http://digiblitz.com/dbeid.html
Company Overview: digiBlitz is a business technology transformation products, solutions & consulting company. We operate in North America, Europe & Asia and help client organizations through providing solutions for their business technology transformation & integration needs. We serve various industry verticals like healthcare, life-science, pharma, financials, government, non-profits, leisure, manufacturing etc More
Product Category : Business Processes, Integration, Modeling Centric, SOA, Webservices
Product/Service Description: digiBlitz is a simple but State-of-the-art product suite which helps in all of your Business-Technology Landscape Architecture, Management and Transformation Projects.dB-EID is the single sign on Facade application for the Trasnformation engine. dB-EID and dB-ETE work together in achieving alignment, integration and transformation of business and technology components of your organization.
Sales Contact: Suresh Balabisegan
Sales Contact Email: sureshkb@digiblitz.com
Sales Contact Phone: 5717226279
OMG Member: Yes
OMG Membership Level: None