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Company URL: www.idatix.com
Main Product URL: http://www.idatix.com/products/progression.htm
Company Overview: iDatix is in the business of converting business policies into meaningful processes that are enforceable, manageable, scaleable, easily-implemented and intuitive. We provide the tools needed to convert policies, practices and procedures into effective, browser-based applications that are rapidly conceived and deployed, without the need to write any code.
Product Category : SOA,
Product/Service Description: Progression is a total Business Automation tool that seamlessly integrates all of your business operations and systems, completely eliminating and reducing manual business tasks and activity. Progression is the answer to your business questions and the path to implementing your corporate vision.
Sales Contact: Ivan Pena
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: 727-441-8228
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OMG Membership Level: None