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Company Overview: The inubit AG is the technologically leading supplier of SOA-based Business Process Management (BPM) with the unique, fully comprehensive inubit BPM-Suite. inubit supports enterprises in optimizing and automating their business processes with the standard-based inubit BPM-Suite and the industry-specific and cross-industry solutions. The inubit AG has repeatedly been awarded for its innovative products and solutions. Among these awards are the Innovation prize of Berlin-Brandenburg 2007, the EAI-award and various innovation prizes of the „Initiative Mittelstand” i. e. in the category BPM and digital / electronic signature.
Product Category : BPMN, Business Processes, Execution, Integration, IT, SOA, Webservices
Product/Service Description: The inubit BPM-Suite is the leading software for comprehensive SOA-based Business Process Management in the market and supports all stages of Business Process Management in a comprehensive manner unique in the market. Thus, the inubit BPM-Suite combines within one single standardized product the so far separated areas: • Business Process Modeling (BPM) • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) • Service-oriented Architectures (SOA) • Workflow Management (WFM) and • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM). Starting with the modeling and simulation of the designated processes, through the automation of processes with integration of existing IT systems and responsible employees via workflows up to real-time monitoring and reporting you can map, control and monitor your processes via the inubit BPM-Suite. Definition and modeling of processes are the basis for optimized business processes. Due to the modeling and simulation component of the inubit BPM-Suite you can design your required process according to the needs of your business. Thanks to the comprehensive mapping of processes, you can transfer your modeled business processes into technical workflows. Due to the support of all commonly used systems, protocols and formats you achieve one layer for centrally addressing, controlling and monitoring your processes. Thanks to the SOA component of the inubit BPM-Suite you can also realize a “state-of-the-art”, service-oriented architecture. Although the aim of business process automation is to gain completely integrated and automated processes, the impact of employees is still needed or requested for many process steps. Via the inubit Enterprise Portal you can integrate your employees into the automated workflows and assign tasks to them via preconfigured task lists. Finally, a permanent system monitoring and the generation of real-time information allow you to keep track of your processes and thus of your business success. inubit is the first company having recognized that a continuous BPM-software is required by all companies and has therefore developed the inubit BPM-Suite from the start as a modular built and yet continuous business process management product. Thus, all phases of business process management are optimally supported - with a vertical continuity that is unique throughout the market. In this way, inubit supports companies in optimizing and automating their business processes by standardized software as well as industry-specific and cross-industry solutions. These solutions base on the inubit BPM-Suite and meet the special requirements of industry-specific or of cross-industry business processes.
Sales Contact: Mrs. Andrea Tauschmann
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Sales Contact Phone: +49.30.72 61 12-0
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