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Company Overview: pulinco engineering ag is an engineering company that has been successfully operating in the market since 1992. pulinco numbers among its customers some noted companies from a wide variety of sectors. A rapidly growing international network of partners from systems integrators, solution providers and consulting firms provide support for the steadily growing number of TopEase customers. pulinco’s has offices in Switzerland, Germany and the UK. The headquarters are located in Zollikofen, Switzerland.
Product Category : Application Development, Business Processes, Compliance, Enterprise, Integration, IT, SOA,
Product/Service Description: All the business activities of pulinco are based on the patented TopEase suite. The TopEase suite consists of TopEase Approach (method), TopEase XBench (software platform), TopEase Content (reference models) and TopEase Professional Services (training, project support, workshops). Using TopEase you can model your company in detail, establishing the conditions to master the many challenges of strategic and operational management. When the enterprise is modeled, all elements essential to the value chain are entered and interlinked. Changes can be entered in the model at any time. Allocation of risks, control measures and parameters permits a comprehensive quality and performance management in the operational field. Using different analysis and visualization functions, information entered in the model can be presented according to target groups and themes. So management always has the information necessary to manage the company efficiently and safely, taking into account the complexity and interactions within the company. The systematic use of TopEase makes for: - increased transparency and a better understanding of how things in the company are interconnected - better communication (shared model, shared language) - better cooperation between different stakeholders - consistency of information throughout the company - greater efficiency and effectiveness in corporate development - greater flexibility and speed in project implementation and change processes - transparency of decision making - optimized risk management - faster recognition and exploitation of potential for synergies - better planning of investments - improved auditing support (compliance) - greater sustainability - increased innovation
Sales Contact: Roland Pulfer
Sales Contact Email: [email protected]
Sales Contact Phone: 0041-31-910 44 44
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