Cloud Working Group Roadmap

Papers proposed or in progress

Title Leaders Kick-off External Draft Planned Vote
Practical Guide to Cloud Service Agreements, v3.0 Anil Sharma (IBM) and Paddy Padmanabhan (Damo Consulting), with additional support from Claude Baudoin 20-Jan-2019 Late February (e-mail vote of the MARS Task Force)
Practical Guide to Cloud Deployment Technologies (new) Karl Scott (Satori Consulting) 24-Oct-2018 30-Jan-2019 21-Mar-2019 (in-person vote of the MARS Task Force in Reston)
Practical Guide to Cloud Governance (new) Karolyn Schalk (IBM) and Ash Heda (Wipro) 5-Feb-2019 5-Apr-2019 mid-May (probably by e-mail vote of the Business Modeling and Integration Task Force)


When new papers are released, they may supersede similar considerations previously included in some other papers, in which case those will need to be revised accordingly in due time.

This status and plans were presented to the MARS Task Force on December 13, 2018. Presentation here.

The roadmap for Q2 2019 work (with approval in June or September), still subject to discussion, includes:

  • Revising the White Paper (it will be now be called a Discussion Paper, in accordance with OMG terminology) on Cloud Service Agreements: What to Expect and What to Negotiate. Completion of the Practical Guide to CSAs V3 is a prerequisite to start this revision.
  • The December 2018 meeting raised the need for a Catalog of Cloud Standards.
  • The December 2018 meeting also raised the potential need to revise the Interoperability Paper, even though it is relatively recent (December 2017), in order to add a new scenario about data migration, and mention interoperability patterns. David Harris and Beniamino Di Martino are the initial champions of this proposal.
  • A new paper on Cyber Insurance and the Cloud may be proposed, in lieu of having added a large section on this subject in the Practical Guide to CSAs.
  • A new paper, suggested by Karen Shunk (OMG) that would inherit work previously done by the ARTS Council (now the OMG Retail Domain Task Force or RDTF). This would be branded as a joint paper of the RDTF and CWG, and would go through the RDTF for approval. Tentative title: Practical Guide to Cloud Adoption in Retail. The focus would be on retail use cases, so that it would not repeat the content of other papers, but point to those papers instead.

The revised roadmap will be submitted to feedback by the CWG members, either during a webinar or at the March meeting.