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Company Overview: 2AB is a provider of Trusted Middleware for Distributed Business. 2AB offers the middleware, identity and access management tools needed by application developers to integrate systems and protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. 2AB is a business partner of IBM, Intel, HP, Sun, Microsoft and Stratus. The orb2 and iLock product suites are available for Java, Eiffel, C and C++ on AIX, HP-UX (PA-RISC and ia64), OpenVMS (ALPHA and ia64), Linux, Solaris, VOS, Windows and z/OS.
Product/Service Description: orb2, 2AB's CORBA® Technology is a scalable, reliable and high performance Object Request Broker (ORB) for delivering enterprise-strength distributed solutions. Supporting Java, C, and C++, and the widest range of platforms, orb2 offers freedom of choice and the ability to integrate existing business applications that capitalize on years of business knowledge while leveraging new technologies and the Web. orb2 services, such as the Naming and Trader Service, deliver the highest levels of availability and superior performance. Standards-based, orb2 provides a solution for component development that allows companies to maintain business continuity, rapidly respond to market demands and easily integrate new platforms and technologies.
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Sales Contact Phone: 205-621-7455
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