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Company Overview: ObjectSecurity is a Cambridge, UK/San Jose, CA, USA, based secure IT integrator for mission-critical environments (e.g. collaborative decision making by securely integrating different data feeds from various sources). Our experienced team flexibly tailors cost effective, secure, robust, and safe solutions for many blue chip customers and large organisations. Services range from high-level tasks such as security architecture and analysis, testing and policy, down to the implementation of security technologies. Products include OpenPMF, a central security policy manager that allows the definition of consistent, unified policies for practically any (new or legacy) technology, SecureMiddleware CCM, and ObjectWall IIOP firewall.
Product/Service Description: Secure Open Source MICO CORBA 

MICO implements the CORBA standard. Since its foundation in 1996, MICO has become a widely used, mature, robust, and fully compliant CORBA implementation.

ObjectSecurity is the official maintainer of the MICO project and the main contributor since 2000. Its MICO team provides technical support, as well as development, training and consulting services for MICO.

Over the years, ObjectSecurity has added many security features to MICO. Some of these are commercially available, while others have been integrated into the MICO code base. In addition to SSL/TLS and CSIv2 as the underlying secure communications protocols, MICO integrates with OpenPMF and ObjectWall.

  • OpenPMF: MICO central security administration
    Using ObjectSecurity OpenPMF as the central security management system, security policies for distributed MICO applications can be centrally defined and administered. In addition, OpenPMF allows the real-time monitoring of the security plug-ins to detect anomalies.
  • ObjectWall: CORBA firewall for MICO 
    ObjectSecurity ObjectWall is a robust IIOP firewall to control access to and from MICO applications on organisational boundaries. ObjectWall can also be centrally managed using OpenPMF.
  • Advantages of open source 
    MICO is available as open source and is widely used for different purposes. In June 1999, MICO has been branded as "CORBA compliant" by the OpenGroup, thus demonstrating that it is production grade software. 
    For your organisation, open source means that you will have full control over the source code, i.e. there is no vendor lock-in. In addition, you will be able to modify the code base yourself (or using ObjectSecurity’s technical support).
  • Technical support subscriptions
    With Open Source software, it is of critical importance that reliable technical support is available quickly when needed. Most companies cannot rely on the goodwill of the Open Source community to provide bug fixes and enhancements fast enough to justify using Open Source software in business critical IT systems. High-quality, professional technical support is a particularly strong selling point for using MICO. 
  • ObjectSecurity provides technical support, as well as development, training and consulting services for MICO. Our highly skilled specialists have many years of experience in R&D, consulting, and support in the areas of MICO, CORBA in general, CORBA security, CORBA Components (and security), and distributed systems. 

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