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Company Overview: Founded in 1988, Telefónica I+D has as a mission to contribute to the Telefónica Group’s competitiveness through technological innovation applied to the creation of new services and the improvement of its operating efficiency. Many of the critical Management, Operations and Business Support Systems of the group were conceived, designed and built by Telefónica I+D, thus allowing it to accumulate a wealth of experience and expertise in large scale and innovative ICT systems.

Telefónica I+D has made significant contributions to the CORBA specifications, such as POA and DynAny chapters and continues involved in the evolution of the platform.

Product/Service Description: Telefónica I+D is offering an ORB, named TIDOrb, that is available in both C++ and Java. It is aligned with CORBA 2.6 (including POA, DSI, DII, DynAny, QoS Messaging, etc.) and includes Notification and Naming CORBA services.

TIDorb is currently used in several systems inside Telefónica, for example as part of the principal Network Management and Business Support Systems It is also employed by other companies outside the group, for example in air traffic control systems.

TIDorb is released as Open Source in the context of the Morfeo Open Source Community. where TIDOrb’s customers can find a team of developers and software architects. These highly specialized people provide valuable expertise in CORBA-based application development, which can help them to successfully design and implement their solutions. For more information please visit 

We offer:

  • Training: flexible training on CORBA application development and service
    usage in Java or C++.
  • Consultancy: application design, performance tuning and system
    development using CORBA technologies.
  • Innovation services: introduce and drive adoption of new functionalities in the CORBA Platform as required by our customers.
  • Support and maintenance: support of CORBA Platform components delivered in
Sales Contact: Nikolaos Tsouroulas
Sales Contact Email: nik at tid dot es
Sales Contact Phone: (+34) 913379211
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